12-year-old boy graduates with 5 associate degrees

Wednesday, 31/05/2023, 14:49 (GMT+7)

At just 12 years old, Clovis Hung completed five associate degree programs in three years, becoming the youngest graduate in Fulton College's 108-year history.

Clovis Hung, 7, was bored in second grade. "I wanted more challenges," the boy said.

At age 7, Clovis Hung got bored of school and dropped out in second grade.

In 2019, the boy's mother, Ms. Song Choi of Clovis Hung, began homeschooling her son.When the boy was 9 years old, the mother began enrolling him in Fullerton College (California, USA) under a special admissions program.

12-year-old boy graduates with 5 associate degrees 1
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According to the Los Angeles Times, there is a program that allows young students to enroll in college before graduating high school. Students are admitted through special courses.

Despite being dissuaded by her husband, Ms. Song Cai strongly agreed with her decision, saying, "My husband and daughter said I was crazy, but I trusted my instincts. I knew that Clovis Hung was an exceptionally smart and curious child."

Please note that I made a small correction in the sentence to clarify the description of Clovis Hung as "exceptionally smart and curious.

Clovis Hung teaches at Fullerton College. At one point, the boy studied as many as 11 grades - the top grade under the special admissions scheme.

"Before I officially signed up, I took trial classes and loved it. So I started taking more classes," Clovis said.

Unexpectedly, at the age of 12, Clovis officially graduated from Fullerton College. Here, the boy becomes the youngest graduate in the school's 108-year history.

12-year-old boy graduates with 5 associate degrees 2
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Clovis earned 5 Associate Degrees in Art History; Social Science, Social Behavior and Personal Development, Art and Human Expression, Science, and Mathematics.

The boy also shared, "I graduated with 5 associate degrees and after 3 years of hard work, I'm very proud of myself."

Jack Rickon, a 13-year-old male student graduating from Fullerton College in 2020, is also a special character who inspires Clovis.

Professor Kenneth Collins of Fullerton College said he was initially concerned about Clovis' age, but that was no longer an issue.

“Clovis was the perfect combination of a curious child and a hard-working student. He was mature enough to command the respect of his fellow students, but young enough to receive their attention and encouragement,” Professor Collins said.

Ms. Song Cai said that her son is just like an ordinary child. The boy joined the Boy Scouts, loved basketball, and still plays video games. However, learning has always been his passion.

"Clovis was very active, curious, and mature for his age. But he was still a kid," Ms Cui said.

Now, Clovis plans to earn a degree in autonomous systems development at Fullerton College. He also has interests in commercial pilots, aerospace, and pediatrics. Male students wishing to attend Stanford or MIT for a bachelor's degree.