5 “mystery” tools that baffled and made us ask, “what am I?”

Wednesday, 13/03/2024, 15:06 (GMT+7)

Several users on the Internet were left baffled after finding “mystery” tools in their houses; however, the Internet helped them solve them to seek the answer.

On Facebook, a user was left puzzled after spotting a mysterious object in her room. She decided to share a picture of it on this platform, hoping to find out its identity: 'What is this?'

In the post, she explained that she had come across the object in her house but was clueless about its purpose.

The caption read, 'Does anyone know what this is called? I've had it for years; it's from my home. I would like to get another one, but I don't know where.'

Several users commented below the post, expressing their bewilderment upon seeing the object for the first time. Another user mentioned that they used to recognize it but now couldn't recall its name. 

5 “mystery” tools that baffled and made us ask, “what am I?” 1
Image Credits: Facebook

One person said:  I have one too. I didn’t know what it is for.

A second wrote: For donuts biscuits and and cookies

While a third commented:  I’ll say it’s a biscuit cutter but my family used a Calumet baking powder can with both ends cut out.

Another added: What is this! I have never seen it before.

2. This is the Kwik-Kut Deluxe Food Chopper.

It is a hand-cranked kitchen tool designed to chop and mince food quickly and easily. The device was first introduced in the United States in the early 1900s, and it quickly became popular with home cooks who appreciated its efficiency and convenience.

The Kwik-Kut Deluxe Food Chopper was originally marketed as a way to simplify the process of chopping and mincing vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other food items. The device consists of a metal cylinder with sharp, rotating blades inside. The user places the food item to be chopped into the cylinder and then turns a crank to rotate the blades, which chop the food into small pieces.

Over the years, the Kwik-Kut Deluxe Food Chopper has undergone several design changes and updates. In the 1930s, the device was updated with a wider base and a longer handle for improved leverage. In the 1950s, the device was updated again with a plastic handle and a more streamlined design.

The chopper has been around for over a century, and with the constant evolution of kitchen gadgets and tools, it has lost its popularity and presence in mainstream media and advertisements.

There are some families who have owned the Kwik-Kut chopper for generations and continue to use it regularly in their kitchen. Others have inherited it from older family members but may not use it as frequently.

2. It's an orange peeler 

The user was baffled after spotting the 'mysterious object' at the local supermarket. However, they urged me to post it on Reddit to determine its identity.

The post is captioned: 'I bought a big pack of groceries from a local supermarket, and they threw in this item for free.'

5 “mystery” tools that baffled and made us ask, “what am I?” 2
Image Credits: Reddit.

Below the post, several users expressed confusion upon seeing it. Some speculated that it might be used to hold bags to prevent finger discomfort, while others suggested it could be used for peeling oranges.

One person said: It's an orange peeler.

A second wrote: Weird. I got one of these in an order of cat ear brass knuckles/personal defense keychains. I assumed it was for stabbing someone/slitting their throat. That hook part is sharp! Wonder why they would send me an orange peeler...

While a third commented: Orange peeler. Put your fingers in the two holes, and use the bottom part to score the peel making an X. You then use the "tail" to pry the peel off by sticking it in the center of the X and making a fulcrum.

3. It is a jar opener

Homeowner surprised to find strange object under kitchen cabinetsOn Reddit, a homeowner shared a photo of themselves in their kitchen, leaving many viewers confused. The owner wants to help determine what it is. Does it have a purpose?

In the photo, an eye-catching object is seen installed under the kitchen cabinets. However, some users admitted they were completely confused by the hottie.

5 “mystery” tools that baffled and made us ask, “what am I?” 3
Image Credits: Reddit.

One person said: Jar opener... have one in my kitchen.

A second wrote: it's for opening jars you slide the lid underneath it and leaving your hands free to twist it open without too much effort

While a third commented: Didn't read other comments, but I think it's a jar opener!

Someone else said: If you can cut the foil of a wine bottle,then it’s a wine bottle foil cutter thingamajig. 

Answer: Jar opener

4.It's an ab exerciser.

On Reddit, a user was left baffled after encountering this object and posted a picture on Reddit to seek answers.

The post has the caption, "What is it!? The brand is Decathlon so it’s something sportss-related I assume but my mind is in the gutter, drawing blanks.

5 “mystery” tools that baffled and made us ask, “what am I?” 4
Image Credits: Getty

In the comment selection, several users stated that it is an abs exerciser, while others admitted that they had no idea about it. 

One user said: My mind went right into the gutter with you, OP!

A second wrote: It reminds me of those portable urinal/funnels for women.

A third commented: It's an abs exerciser.