A group of seven boys ate up 300 crabs and 50 durians in the buffet

Wednesday, 10/05/2023, 14:14 (GMT+7)

In addition to 300 crabs, the group ate plenty of prawns, salmon, and desserts, even though the buffet cost just over 160 yuan per person.

A group of seven young people in their twenties went to eat at a cafeteria in Qingdao, China.

Here, 6 men and 1 woman ate up 300 crabs, 80 desserts, 50 boxes of durian, and countless salmon and shrimp. According to a video taken by one member of the seven-member group, the group devoured the table with hundreds of crab shells and empty glasses for dessert

A group of seven boys ate up 300 crabs and 50 durians in the buffet 1
Image Credits: SCMP

One member of the group, Mr. Truong, explained that everyone eats that much at their age. Truong said that by opting for a seafood buffet restaurant during the costly seafood season, they were able to save money. They paid only 160 yuan per person (around 23 dollars) for the meal, and they were able to enjoy a wide selection of food, including salmon, shrimp, and meat. Additionally, they indulged in pricey desserts such as durian and mango. 

A group of seven boys ate up 300 crabs and 50 durians in the buffet 2
Image Credits: SCMP

At the same time, he also clarified that none of the group members overate or ate again after they had satisfied their appetites.

An employee at the restaurant said each customer will only be able to dine at the location for a maximum of two hours.

But they said it was too busy that night, so they forgot to check the time and let the group of diners leave when the time was up.

Chinese netizens were shocked when they saw the video and left many criticisms. "Looking at how much they eat, I'm worried, eating like this will only hurt your stomach", "The owner of the restaurant was unlucky to meet this group of guests that day", "You can eat as much as you want". The prospect of eating at the buffet initially appealed to me, but as I gazed upon the table littered with crab shells and shrimp, I felt a shiver run down my spine. Plus, there's the added perk of unlimited servings. "

In China, cafeteria customers often eat as much as they want, hoping to eat more than they paid for.

That led to many customers taking more food than they could eat and throwing it away, prompting restaurants to put up posters reminding people to eat in moderation.

Last month, two women in eastern China's Zhejiang province were arrested by authorities for sneaking food worth 400 yuan from a cafeteria after eating at the cafeteria.