An ethical hacker revealed scariest things on dark web

Thursday, 01/02/2024, 17:33 (GMT+7)

A hacker with 30 years of experience reveals horrifying secrets on the dark web as he takes on the task of hunting down notorious criminals.

The dark web, a hidden world beneath the surface of the internet, contains countless of the world's most horrifying things.

With its anonymity and illicit activities, it has become a place where cybercrime and unimaginable horrors gather. 

Drawing upon 30 years of experience, a seasoned hacker shares insights into the scariest things lurking in the dark web.

An ethical hacker revealed scariest things on dark web 1
Illustration of the existence of the dark web. Image Credit: Getty

A hacker reveals scary truths on the dark web

Recently, a hacker with 30 years of experience working on the dark web revealed what is on this website.

According to this hacker, the dark web is operating frantically as a place to trade drugs, prostitution, children, etc., run by notorious criminals.

The man revealed that hackers use software called ransomware to steal data and deprive huge sums of money. Some people even commit crimes to 'watch the world burn'.

The hacker revealed a concerning reality that he witnessed hospitals falling victim to encryption attacks, where individuals are faced with a grim decision. 

An ethical hacker revealed scariest things on dark web 2
Hackers say the dark web is running amok by serious criminals. Image Credit: VICE

They must choose between paying a ransom to regain access to critical data or risking lives. 

According to a report, the most popular searches on the dark web are related to child pornography, guns, and drugs. Some others include murder, violence, animal abuse, etc.

The impact of the dark web on financial markets or functional establishments

The masked man highlights the impact of dark web organizations that can use ransomware to disrupt financial markets or other functions establishments.

Philip Ingram, a military intelligence colonel, stated that severe criminals are increasingly using the dark web.

They recruit children to transport drugs, strongly exploit pedophile rings, or recruit terrorist and extremist groups.

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Criminals expand the dark web to traffic drugs, children, terrorist recruitment, etc. Image Credit: Getty

However, not all platforms can access the dark web. Currently, only i2p, FreeNet, and Tor are three popular platforms that provide access to the dark web.

Among them, Tor (the onion router) is a commonly used platform. It is a vibrant matrix that allows users to surf the web with complete anonymity.

According to estimates, there are about 2.6 million Tor users every day, and 80% are looking for illegal child sexual abuse and pornography.

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The dark web also has a strong negative impact on financial markets and several other functional establishments. Image Credit: VICE

Common types of hackers on the dark web

According to the masked man, he began his hacker career as a so-called "black hat," a type of cybercriminal who carried out powerful cyberattacks for personal gain.

However, he has moved into a new role known as a "white hat," who uses his skills to track cybercriminals and fix vulnerabilities in systems to stop black hat hackers.

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While the 'black hat' attacks the data of establishments, the white hat is responsible for preventing them and fixing vulnerabilities in data systems. Image Credit: Getty