‘Apex Legends: Legacy’ Launch Trailer Introduces New Legend

The launch trailer also shows off a new weapon, the return of an old map, and more.

Today Legends debuted an animated trailer to get players and fans excited for the new season: Legacy. Players will be able to participate starting May 4, and the new season will give players a new weapon to work with, bring back an old but familiar map, and introduce a new Legend which harkens back to the developer’s Titanfall 2 days.

Valkyrie, the daughter of Titanfall 2‘s Viper is featured prominently in the trailer, showing off her skills, the new Boeck Bow, and “own[ing] the sky” (while also “owning” many of the other Legends in combat). She is voiced by the renowned and talented voice actor Erika Ishii. “Watch Me Now” plays alongside the action, cutting out here and there to allow for character dialogue and a brief moment of karaoke-based comedic levity from Mirage. At the end of the animated cinematic trailer, viewers get a splash screen informing them that the first “Arenas” gameplay reveal will happen on April 26.

via Respawn Entertainment

RELATED: addition to getting a new character and a new weapon to play with, the Olympus map will be making a long-awaited return. This time, however, it’s getting an ecological makeover. It’ll be infested with different types of roots and new plantlife for players to navigate. The game will also be introducing a break from traditional gameplay with Arena mode: 2 squads of 3 players will compete against one another, as opposed to the traditional battle royale style that most players are used to.

While Apex Legends fans will be getting the gameplay reveal on April 26, the actual season won’t launch until May 4th, when it comes out on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Origin and Steam). Check out the trailer for the next season of Apex Legends below.