Astrologer Nostradamus left people startled after predicting accurately for 2024

Thursday, 04/01/2024, 17:17 (GMT+7)

One of the predictions of an astrologer Nostradamus for the new year 2024 has come true, relating to natural disaster events that humans could suffer.

As people start the new year 2024 with hopes for good things, a series of sad events occurred, which made people remember astrologers' predictions for 2024.

Surprisingly, their predictions have been accurate astonishingly despite being issued for many years.

Who is Nostradamus?

Michel de Nostredame (1503-1566), also known as "Nostradamus", was a famous French astrologer, doctor, and prophet.

He became famous for his book "Les Prophéties" (The Prophecies), which contained a collection of cryptic verses predicting future events. 

Astrologer Nostradamus left people startled after predicting accurately for 2024 1
Nostradamus's spooky predictions for 2024 left people jumping out of their skin. Image Credit: Getty

Many claim that Nostradamus accurately foresaw significant historical events, such as the French Revolution, the rise of Adolf Hitler, and even the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

His writings also touched on natural disasters, wars, and the fate of nations. 

Despite the skepticism surrounding his work, Nostradamus' influence has endured through the centuries, with people still fascinated by his prophecies and seeking to decipher their meanings.

According to many reports, more than 70% of his prophecies have come true so far.

Nostradamus's Terrifying Predictions for 2024

Astrologer Nostradamus left people startled after predicting accurately for 2024 2
More than 70% of his predictions have already come true. Image Credit: Getty

The French astrologer's predictions are not over yet and they are said to last until the year 3797.

Notably, Nostradamus' predictions were often vague, leading to thousands of debates and speculation.

Below are some of Nostradamus's predictions for 2024:

Extreme Weather

He wrote in his book: “The dry earth will grow more parched, and there will be great floods when it is seen.”

Many people consider that Nostradamus mentioned the extreme earthquake in Japan on 1 January, leading to both properties and fatal damage.

Japan recently suffered the 7.6 magnitude tremor that struck the country’s Western Coast on Monday afternoon, associated with 3-foot-high tsunamis.

Astrologer Nostradamus left people startled after predicting accurately for 2024 3
Recent natural disasters in Japan have been believed accurate to his prophecies. Image Credit: Getty

According to reports, the disaster resulted in 48 deaths while many were injured.

Japan witnessed its first major tsunami warnings since the devastating 2011 catastrophe. 

The nation's Earthquake Early Warning System played a crucial role in alerting residents. 

Urgent alarms were sent to their mobile phones, accompanied by three buzzing sounds, followed by a repeated announcement of the word "earthquake," on the day the tragic incident occurred. 

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan expressed the urgency of the situation, stating that emergency crews were engaged in a race against time to rescue as many people as possible.

The Japan Meteorological Agency reported that approximately 200 tremors have been detected since the earthquake struck at around 4 pm local time yesterday. 

Confrontation At Sea

In a verse from centuries ago, Nostradamus predicted "confrontations and naval battles" that would cause chaos in the ocean.

Astrologer Nostradamus left people startled after predicting accurately for 2024 4
A series of tragic events for 2024 predicted by French astrologer Nostradamus were revealed. Image Credit: Getty

Some experts explain that this could be a reference to tensions surrounding the East Sea and Taiwan Strait areas. 

The "ocean" mentioned by Nostradamus may have been the Indian Ocean.

In 2023, Nostradamus once predicted "a great war". Many people believe that Nostradamus's prediction implies that the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The Chaos Happening Among The Royal

In one verse, Nostradamus refers to a man he calls the "King of the Islands" who had a controversial divorce and had to abdicate.

Mario Reading, analyst and author of "The Prophecies of Nostradamus", believes that the "King of the Islands" may be King Charles III of Great Britain.

He may have to abdicate due to "constant attacks on himself and his second wife".

Furthermore, Nostradamus also wrote that the "King of the Islands" would yield his throne to "a man who shows no signs of being a king".

"The one who shows no signs of being a king" is said to be Prince Harry.

Astrologer Nostradamus left people startled after predicting accurately for 2024 5
Nostradamus predicted a controversial divorce and abdication of King Charles III. Image Credit: Getty

Nostradamus also correctly predicted the time of Queen Elizabeth II's death in 2022.

In predictions for 2023, Nostradamus also foresaw "great celestial fire on the royal edifice. This is said to imply that a new world order will rise from the ashes of civilization.

New Pope

Nostradamus also made predictions about a new, younger pope, replacing the old pope.

The current Pope, Pope Francis, is over 80 years old and has been having many health problems recently.

Many suggest that Nostradamus's prediction may soon come true.