Bartender's 70-hour shift yields meager $10 in earnings

Thursday, 15/06/2023, 16:48 (GMT+7)

A bartender went viral on TikTok after posting a video and quickly widespread attention.

In the footage, she shared that she had earned a mere $10 after her grueling 70-hour shift at a sports bar, according to New York Post.

The video gained over 965,000 times and caused an uproar when bartender Aaliyah Cortez emphasized the importance of tipping bartenders, she shared: “Why you should always tip your bartenders”.

Bartender's 70-hour shift yields meager $10 in earnings 1
Image Credits: NY Post

Cortez expresses her dissatisfaction in the video. She works for nearly 71 hours of work over two weeks. However, her hourly wage amounts to just $2.13 as a bartender and server. 

Bartender's 70-hour shift yields meager $10 in earnings 2
Image Credits: NY Post

In total, she should have earned $150.81. However, after deductions for social security, Medicare, and income tax, she received a mere $9.28 for the 70 hours she put in.

According to the video that was shared, Cortez, who has worked at the bar for over a year, showcases a close-up of her work check and the amount of the meager earnings she received after working the nearly 70-hour shift.

Bartender's 70-hour shift yields meager $10 in earnings 3
Image Credits: NY Post

In her video, the bartender goes on to explain why she has paid for her meager earnings. the bartender elaborates on the deductions made from her pay for social security, Medicare, and federal income tax. 

Cortez also supposed that despite receiving tips, despite receiving tips, it was unlikely to make up for the long hours and inadequate compensation she receives.

The video went viral and flooded the comment section, with many even expressing their frustration. Additionally,  some even urged Cortez to quit her job and find better opportunities and improve her circumstances.

Some expressed sympathy for Cortez's meager income:

This is your choice. So there's nothing wrong with that.

Should we all quit our jobs? Who will be served next? This is the norm in America,"

However, many people suggested that Cortez find a more suitable job:

Quit that lousy job now! You deserve a better-paying job.

In a subsequent video, Cortez gained viral attention again as she shared that she actually receives good tips and loves what she does for a living as a bartender.

“I like my job. Bartending, and serving, it’s fun. However, I don’t agree with the state laws that allow restaurants to pay under minimum wage and expect the customer to pay our wages,” Cortez says.