Brad Pitt to Cameo in 'Lost City of D' Alongside Stars Sandra Bullock & Channing Tatum

Pitt is slowly becoming the king of cameos.

As Brad Pitt heads into the later years of his career, cameos are slowly becoming a bigger part of his filmography — and, The Hollywood Reporter, his next one will be in Lost City of D with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. After it was announced that Sandy B cameo in Pitt’s Bullet Train, Pitt clearly thought it was only fair if he did the same for one of her upcoming movies.

Lost City of D is billed as a romantic action-adventure comedy starring Bullock and Tatum as the two leads. Also starring Daniel Radcliffe, the plot follows a reclusive romance novelist on a book tour with her cover model as they get swept up into a kidnapping attempt. Bullock just finished filming her cameo in Pitt’s Bullet Train, a more straightforward action film by David Leitch, in which five assassins board a train find out their missions have something in common. Bullet Train stars Zazie Beetz, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Logan Lerman and Michael Shannon plus a slew of additional talent.

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According to this very apt tweet, Pitt has come down with “Jon Hamm disease,” in which a handsome man is desperate to be in comedy sketches. The past few years seem to indeed be damning for Pitt, as his high-profile cameos on Saturday Night Live and Deadpool 2 make headway with viewers (and I’m sure the pocket money for two minutes’ worth of screentime is also good). Joining Lost City of D — a comedy film — means he may be inflicted with this disease for better or worse. Could we include the table read for Fast Times in Ridgemont High under this diagnosis?

Pitt’s future projects include at the Academy Awards in two weeks and Damien Chazelle’s 1920s epic with Margot Robbie, as well as his numerous producing projects under Plan B Entertainment that are in various stages of development.

Lost City of D will be released in 2022, but Bullet Train has no release date — although production did wrap earlier this year.

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