Cat said to have superpower of granting wishes, on sale for over $130,000

Wednesday, 29/03/2023, 09:42 (GMT+7)

Currently, this cat is being sold by the owner for a sky-high price because she believes that her pet cat can give blessings and make wishes come true.

You must have heard the fairy tales about Aladdin's Magic Lamp, but today we will get acquainted with another wish granting “entity”: a special cat.

A woman living in Novosibirsk, Russia is selling her cat on social networks for 10 million rubles (equivalent to over $130,000).

Cat said to have superpower of granting wishes, on sale for over $130,000 1
Image credits: ODDITYCENTRAL

The cat's owner caused a stir with a bizarre ad posted on Russian advertising platform Avito. She asks buyers to pay some "small fortune" to own a pet cat with a superpower. This is a British short-haired cat named Vincent De, or Vinsik for short. Vinsik's owner, Elena, told local newspapers that she accidentally discovered the magical power of her pet cat, which is to make all of its owner's wishes come true. She claims to have succeeded at least 3 times. Having had everything, she wished to share this magic with everyone, but demanded a worthy fee.

Elena told Russian news site Komsomolskaya Pravda:

“The superpower is only effective to the owner. I discovered my cat has magic by accident. At that time, I needed an apartment and I happily told Vincent to grant my wish. I didn't think much of it because it was just a joke to a cat but my wish came true, a month later I owned an apartment.”

Cat said to have superpower of granting wishes, on sale for over $130,000 2
EmImage credits: ODDITYCENTRALpty

This strange woman did not mention exactly how she got the apartment, but she confirmed that since that incident, her cat even helped her family buy another apartment and even a new car.

Elena went on to describe her pet cat:

“Vincent's mother is a mysterious black cat with folded ears that looks like a witch. Its father is a strong gray-blue cat with straight ears. I adopted Vincent in 2011 when he was 2 months old. It's been 9 years so far.”

When asked why she decided to sell Vincent when the cat has lived with the family for many years and has such "special powers", Elena replied that she wanted to share Vincent's magic with many others. In addition, her family said Vincent probably only grants 3 wishes, as they tried to get the 4th wish but nothing happened. So they decided to sell it to someone else.

This ad quickly attracted a lot of attention because not only was it strange, but the story was also unreasonable and unconvincing. Anyway, so far, no one has spent that much money to buy this cat.