A Future as Spider-Man Teased For DC's Least Likely Hero

One of DC Comics' unlikeliest characters just had a future teased as Marvel's Spider-Man as well as a handful of other superheroes.

Russo Brothers Endorse Extraction Movie Recreation Made By Fans

Anthony and Joe Russo have endorsed a brand new fan recreation of the trailer for the Netflix action film Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth.

The Hulk Has ONE Thing in Common With Captain America

The Avengers gave Captain America a hard time on his problem with cursing – but it turns out the Hulk shares Cap’s stand against bad language!

Every Witcher Game & Cyberpunk 2077 Offered In Discounted GOG Bundle

GOG offering every Witcher game, including the adventure game and Thronebreaker, alongside Cyberpunk 2077 for less than 90$. Get your RPG fix here.

The Final Fate Of THOR Revealed By Marvel Comics

The Mighty Thor confronts the Black Winter in his latest comic - and learns the terrifying secret of his final, ultimate death. SPOILERS ahead!

Why Pokémon Unite's Reveal Disappointed Fans

The much-hyped Pokémon Unite reveal resulted in much fan outrage, stemming from expectations that it would be a more traditional Pokémon game.

Floor Is Lava Unexpectedly Hits Top of Netflix Chart in US, Canada & UK

Netflix's new unscripted game show Floor Is Lava proved its popularity by unexpectedly topping the Netflix charts in the US, UK, and Canada.

Top 10 Best Horror Movies In The Last Decade, Ranked (According to IMDb)

The horror genre has been a shining spot over the past ten years and these are highest-rated on IMDb.

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Scorpio and Hufflepuff might not seem like a natural match, but what traits do they have in common, and which don't they?

Little Fires Everywhere: 5 Ways Pearl and Mia Are Mother-Daughter Goals (& 5 They...

Little Fires Everywhere's Mia & Pearl are sometimes mother-daughter goals; standing out as a radical love that survives hardship & defies convention.