Save Yourselves! Review: More Quirky Comedy Than Alien Invasion Film

More Millennial introspection than sci-fi movie, what Save Yourselves! lacks in world-building, it makes up for with charming relatable comedy.

Spontaneous Review: Uniquely Fun, Poignant & Bloody Sci-Fi Comedy

Bloody, fun and achingly heartfelt, Spontaneous presents a clever and original story about life, love and how suddenly things can change.

Over the Moon Review: A Delightful & Wonderfully Magical Animated Musical

An explosion of wonder, color and magic, Over the Moon tells a beautifully sentimental story of family and love, with super catchy songs mixed in.

Come Play Trailer Unleashes the Monster Beyond the Screen

An autistic boy is visited by something terrifying from beyond the screen in the new trailer for the tech-centered horror film Come Play.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen Trailer – Cole Battles An Undead Satanic Cult

Netflix releases the trailer for Babysitter: Killer Queen, the sequel to their 2017 original horror-comedy that premieres on the service in September.

The Beach House Review: Dull Characters Cheapen Creepy Thrills

The Beach House has some suitably creepy moments, but it's ultimately hamstrung by an underdeveloped script that fails to connect with the audience.

Greyhound Review: Tom Hanks Wants to Talk to You About WWII (Again)

What you end up with is a better history lesson than drama, in spite of the obvious care with which Hanks brings the story of Greyhound to life.

The Old Guard Review: Netflix's Movie Delivers Truly Thrilling Action

What The Old Guard lacks in well-paced, tightly plotted story, it more than makes up for with compelling characters and slick, thrilling fight scenes.

Palm Springs Review: Andy Samberg's Time-Looping Rom-Com is a Total Charmer

Along with a sharp sense of humor and compelling performances, Palm Springs delivers an absolutely charming rom-com with a fun sci-fi twist.

The Kissing Booth 2 Review: Netflix's OTHER Rom-Com Sequel is Overstuffed

The Kissing Booth 2 has some fun moments, especially for fans, but is ultimately an overwrought, overstuffed and overlong teen romcom sequel.