Cedric, a cat artist, turned a wooden banister into art in 11 years

Sunday, 31/12/2023, 10:47 (GMT+7)

Cedric, the cat, dedicates 11 years to turning a wooden banister into a work of 'art,' much to his mom's delight.

Who would expect a rescued cat to create a work of art? That's why Cedric, a rescued cat by Ms. Schllevis, surprised us. 

Cedric, a feline artist extraordinaire, was a rescued kitten and became the devoted companion of a person. 

Cedric's artistic journey began alongside his journey to a forever home.

From the moment Schellevis brought Cedric home, it was clear that he was no ordinary cat. Aside from being an affectionate and caring companion, Cedric possessed an incredible talent. 

With great diligence, he refrained from wreaking havoc on Schellevis' belongings, proving to be the best-behaved cat she had ever known. However, there was one exception to Cedric's impeccable manners.

Cedric, a cat artist, turned a wooden banister into art in 11 years 1
In the heartwarming tale of Cedric, a feline artist extraordinaire, we witness the remarkable bond between a rescued kitten and his devoted human companion. Image Credits: The Dodo

Schellevis fondly recalls Cedric's unusual behaviour: "He is the best cat I have ever had. He doesn't touch or wreck anything." However, there was one particular exception to Cedric's otherwise impeccable manners. 

Despite the availability of several scratching posts throughout the house, Cedric fixated on a single fence positioned at the top of the stairs. Schellevis recalls how Cedric took an instant liking to this particular post. 

Cedric, a cat artist, turned a wooden banister into art in 11 years 2
Over the span of 11 years, Cedric has embarked on a creative journey that has left a lasting mark on his surroundings. Image Credits: The Dodo

More than a decade of work but Cedric, our cat artist, seems not to stop his passion for art creation.

In 2012, he began to scratch away at its surface, signalling the start of an artistic endeavour that would span over a decade. Today, 11 years later, Cedric continues his labour of love. 

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The railing, once pristine, has undergone an astonishing transformation at the mercy of Cedric's claws. His dedication to the task is unwavering, and he scratches the post thrice daily. 

Interestingly, Cedric relishes these scratching sessions most when visitors are present, as if he intends to showcase his artistic prowess.

Cedric, a cat artist, turned a wooden banister into art in 11 years 3
Anita Corrie Schellevis, Cedric's loving caregiver, found him on the streets as a vulnerable kitten. Image Credits: The Dodo

Cedric's talent meets its luck - Anita Corrie Schellevis, his angelic owner. 

Schellevis has fully embraced Cedric's artistic expression and has never discouraged him from pursuing his passion for the fence. From the beginning, she recognized that the post belonged to Cedric alone. 

While the fence has undoubtedly suffered significant wear and tear, Cedric's work remains incomplete. This ongoing project has become a unique feature of Schellevis' home, drawing the attention of all who visit.

Cedric, a cat artist, turned a wooden banister into art in 11 years 4
Little did she know that this serendipitous encounter would be the catalyst for Cedric's life's work.  Image Credits: The Dodo

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Some may argue that Cedric has "destroyed" the fence with his persistent clawing, but like any actual work of art, its beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Cedric and Schellevis see it as a testament to his talent and take great pride in the fence's evolution.

Cedric's work proves that art can come from the most unexpected characters. 

Above all, Cedric takes immense pride in his artistic accomplishments. Schellevis joyfully exclaims, "He's proud of himself!" 

Schellevis affectionately describes it as a conversation piece, occupying a central position in her home and captivating guests. The only downside, she admits, is the occasional inconvenience of splinters that find their way into shoes.

Cedric, the artist extraordinaire, continues to leave his mark on the fence, refusing to abandon his masterpiece. As the years pass, his dedication and passion for his craft remain unwavering, reminding us that art comes in unexpected forms, even from the paws of a beloved cat.