Chinese zoo denies bear is a human in costume

Wednesday, 02/08/2023, 11:04 (GMT+7)

After a video of a bear standing on two legs went viral, the Hangzhou Zoo denied the allegations that the bear is a human in costume

According to an Associated Press report, a zoo in China faced a viral video showing one of its bears standing on its hind legs, leading officials to deny that the bear is a human in a costume.

Chinese zoo denies bear is a human in costume 1
Image Credits: Shanghai Daily/X

The Hangzhou Zoo issued a statement on behalf of Angela, the Malaysian sun bear seen standing up and gazing at curious visitors, refuting the claims.

The statement said: 'Some people think I stand like a person. It seems you don’t understand me very well.'

“If a person did wear a bear costume, they would be lying down within minutes due to the heat,” 

Chinese zoo denies bear is a human in costume 2
Image Credits: Shanghai Daily/X

A recent video showed a bear that drew the attention of spectators due to its slender legs and the folds of fur that gave it the appearance of a person wearing a bear costume.

The local Hangzhou Daily was the first to mention the attention, said: “Because of the way they stand, some people online question whether they are ‘humans in disguise.'

Chinese zoo denies bear is a human in costume 3
Image Credits: Shanghai Daily/X

However, the Hangzhou Zoo then clarifies that the bear, seen standing with slender legs and folds of fur, is actually a Malayan Sun Bear, which is known for its small size and generally gentle temperament.

Additionally, an employee at the zoo declined to provide further details about the bear but mentioned that a visit for reporters was being arranged for Monday to see them.

Chinese zoo denies bear is a human in costume 4
Image Credits: Weibo

According to the zoo, Sun bears are the size of large dogs, standing at a maximum of 1.3 meters (50 inches) tall on their hind legs, in contrast to grizzlies and other species, which can reach heights of up to 2.8 meters (9 feet).

Before, other Chinese zoos have been accused of attempting to pass off a dog as an African lion and using painted donkeys to resemble zebras.

Watching the video below: