Chiropractor reveals top sleep poses for pain-free mornings

Friday, 11/08/2023, 16:29 (GMT+7)

A sleep expert has revealed the best two sleep positions for everyone.

James Leinhardt, the Chief Sleep Posture Expert at Levitex, a company that specializes in producing pillows designed to optimize sleep, discussed the best two sleep positions in a TikTok video. 

The first position is the 'dreamer' or semi-fetal position. Leinhardt explains the dreamer posture, which involves lying with a pillow between your knees and ankles.

This helps to minimize strain on the spine and prevents it from becoming misaligned or twisted during sleep. This means that the muscles around the pillow don't have to work, allowing them to recover and rest.

The dreamer position can 'optimize your sleep posture,' leading to waking up feeling well-rested rather than lethargic and achy.

Chiropractor reveals top sleep poses for pain-free mornings 1
James Leinhardt shares his recommendations for sleeping positions.

If dreamer position  is ineffective, the second position  he suggests is the solider, that is lying flat on your back. The soldier position is optimized for sleeping on your back, with a pillow under your knees. The mattress immediately lifts your spine, provides the most even body weight distribution out of all the positions while still optimizing your sleep posture.

The video 'the magic two sleeping positions' was shared on the Levitex TikTok account on July 24 and already been viewed by more than 2.2 million people, received over 55,300 likes. Leinhardt hopes to show people how a simple change in sleeping position can have a huge impact.

Chiropractor reveals top sleep poses for pain-free mornings 2
The 'dreamer' and the 'soldier' positions

Chiropractor Grant Radermacher, from Ascent Chiropractic in Brookfield, Wisconsin, agrees that the soldier or dreamer positions are best for the spine.

He explains that both positions are 'much better for your body than stomach sleeping'. This doctor said that lying on your back while sleeping is often considered the ideal sleeping position because it minimizes the level of twisting and forward tilt in your spine and pelvis.