Delivery driver stunned by 'final meal' order from row inmate

Wednesday, 15/05/2024, 17:39 (GMT+7)

The driver was confused by unusual instructions on the order from a death row inmate that she was about to deliver.

A delivery driver experienced an unexpected encounter when she received a strange order for a "final meal" from a death row inmate.

This peculiar incident left the driver completely baffled and sparked discussions on social media.

Delivery driver stunned by 'final meal' order from row inmate 1
Delivery driver surprised by "final meal" order from death row inmate. Image Credit: Tiktok/@chris haleafarley

Delivery driver stunned by 'final meal' order from row inmate

The driver, Chrishalea Farley, shared that she was familiar with various unusual situations while working, but this order was totally far from any ordinary encounters.

While Chrishalea was on her delivery route, she noticed that the order's destination wasn't a usual home address.

Delivery driver stunned by 'final meal' order from row inmate 2
Chrishalea realized the delivery destination wasn't a typical residential address on her route. Image Credit: Tiktok/@chris haleafarley

Surprisingly, she was headed to Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison, a highly secure facility where death row inmates were held.

According to Farrley, the order was specifically meant for this section of the prison. It was a usual and baffling situation, leading to her disbelief at what happened.

Despite the surprise over the strange situation, Chrishalea decided to follow the instructions on the order.

Delivery driver stunned by 'final meal' order from row inmate 3
Farley received an order intended for the prison's specific section, leaving her baffled and incredulous. Image Credit: Tiktok/@chris haleafarley

After arriving at the prison, she approached the guards and explained the purpose of her visit. She mentioned the name "Chaplain Miller," as instructed on the order.

However, the prison guards immediately denied entry to the meal, refusing to accept the delivery of chicken wings into the facility.

Delivery driver stunned by 'final meal' order from row inmate 4
The guards rejected the meal, refusing to allow the chicken wings into the facility. Image Credit: Tiktok/@chris haleafarley

Although the delivery was rejected, Chrishalea made the best of the situation. She decided to take the wings home for herself and her children, ensuring they enjoyed a pleasant meal that evening.

While she made it clear that she did not find humor in the inmate's situation, she couldn't help but laugh at the overall absurdity of the incident.

Delivery driver stunned by 'final meal' order from row inmate 5
Despite the rejection, Chrishalea took the wings home and shared a pleasant meal with her children. Image Credit: Tiktok/@chris haleafarley

After sharing the peculiar delivery on social media, the video quickly captured the attention of the public.

Online users left their thoughts and speculations about the strange food order in comment sections.

Some speculated that the inmate might have used a hidden phone to place the order, while others questioned how the order was paid for.

Delivery driver stunned by 'final meal' order from row inmate 6
She received a food order delivered to a maximum-security prison housing death row inmates. Image Credit: Tiktok/@chris haleafarley

It was chicken wings they didn't let her deliver she took the food home. You're welcome, one user said.

Did she ask for tip though?? The second user joked.

That was an unforgettable memory for her, the third user commented.

If she succeeded in delivering the order, would she ask the inmate for a tip? lol, someone wrote.

If it were me, the order would be rejected at a very first, another commented.

Even a death row inmate could place an order on the Internet, what's happening with this world? someone said

In response to the incident, Instacart, the delivery service involved, expressed their support for their driver.

They acknowledged the unique nature of the situation and assured the public that the safety and well-being of their drivers and customers were their top priorities.

Instacart also emphasized that they would continue to work closely with law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities to ensure the appropriate protocols were followed.