Driver reveal reasons for change with electric cars 

Wednesday, 15/05/2024, 18:25 (GMT+7)

On social media, a user sparked discussion among drivers who use electric cars, highlighting the benefits of these vehicles

Electric cars, hailed as the future of the motoring industry, have brought numerous benefits.

They're environmentally friendly, remarkably quiet, and supposedly cost-effective to maintain. However, some drivers believe there's room for improvement.

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Electric cars are seen as the future of the motoring industry, but drivers believe there are improvements to be made. Image Credits: Getty

Despite the advantages of home charging, environmental friendliness, and quiet operation, some drivers have expressed dissatisfaction. 

On social media, a Facebook thread asking what changes they'd like to see in electric cars sparked a flurry of responses.

In a recent discussion on social media, drivers shared their insights and opinions on electric cars, highlighting both positive aspects and areas for improvement.

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Drivers appreciate the benefits of electric cars, such as home charging, environmental friendliness, quiet operation, and low maintenance costs. Image Credits: Getty

While some drivers defended the benefits of electric vehicles, others voiced their concerns and suggested changes.

There was discussion about the weight issue 

A common concern among drivers was the weight of electric cars.

One user suggested that everything else could be properly addressed if manufacturers focused on this issue, citing the Porsche Taycan and Audi E-Tron GT as desirable electric cars. Another user wished for a lighter, 300hp MX-5 sized car that could be easily maneuvered.

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In a social media discussion, drivers shared their concerns about electric cars, with weight being a major issue. Image Credits: Getty

The discussion revolves around price and infrastructure. 

Another topic that emerged was the price of electric cars and the lack of a reliable, high-capacity charging infrastructure.

One user pointed out that while electric cars are fine for local commuting, they're unsuitable for anyone who enjoys road trips due to the lack of charging stations.

A different person said: What would be even more beneficial is for the rates some places charge to be reduced, or at least offer reduced parking as unfortunately, a lot of the chargers are within expensive car parks in Leeds.

Someone else continued: People have bought electric cars on finance and want to trade them in and garages are not interested - which means the buyer has to sell privately and pay all the finance back immediately. 

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Some drivers expressed a desire for lighter electric cars, comparing their current weight to that of large SUVs. Image Credits: Getty

Someone else echoed:   I av a MG electric car & love it if you charge at home great but expensive to charge elsewhere and also so many different company's do the charging units it gets confusing with all the different apps u av to download. havnt taken it on a long journey yet because of the messing about finding charging stations

Another discussion about the battey

The efficiency of electric motors was acknowledged, but one user argued against charging large solid-state batteries from the grid. They questioned the feasibility of this approach, suggesting it was not the answer.

One persons said: The technology is there yet. If and when you can get 500/600 miles on a full charge, with lights on, ac on, radio on, and pulling a caravan, then the industry will sell more, and it will be worth it.

A second wrote: Electric cars are OK if you can charge them from your home, if you rely on public charging stations then no, they really need to invest in the infrastructure!

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Another concern raised was the price of electric cars and the lack of reliable, high-capacity charging infrastructure. Image Credits: Getty

Someoen else said: Not a good infrastructure in place yet, not enough charging points so not much competition hence higher charges at charging points not cost effective

Another said: Do you know that people who buy electric cars get electric chargers installed at their homes. As long as the drive in Leeds and surrounding areas, they won’t be short of charge in most cases. The electric charges are more needed on motorways on service stations where people travel long distances and outside hotels and BnBs and other such places.

The Battery, argued another.  They asked: How are they going to dispose of the worn out batteries. I really don’t think they are as green as you might think. I do think hybrids are a better option . But if I can avoid having one I will stick with my petrol car x

Although others voiced their concerns and suggested changes, many drivers still defend the benefits of electric vehicles

One user said: No we don't have enough chargers, but yes I'd definitely recommend a EV but only if you can charge at home cheaply overnight.

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Despite these concerns, some drivers expressed their satisfaction with their electric vehicles and wouldn't change anything. Image Credits: Getty

A second suggested: I love my electric car it’s absolutely incredible. Costs me £13 a month to charge at home

Someone else wrote:  Their acceleration and handling is fantastic. They look brilliant and they're really cheap to run. They need hardly any maintenance and haven't depreciated since I bought them. 

Despite these concerns, some drivers spoke favorably about electric vehicles. One driver, who had switched to an electric vehicle after 44 years of driving gasoline or diesel manual cars, wouldn't change a thing. Another user praised the Tesla M3LR for its versatility and handling, even in winter conditions.

Electric vehicles, still relatively new compared to gasoline and diesel cars, continue to evolve in design. However, based on the comments, it seems there are more pressing concerns.