Edge of the World Exclusive Trailer Stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Dominic Monaghan

The U.S. trailer for the upcoming historical adventure film Edge of the World dives into the story of British explorer Sir James Brooke.

The latest trailer for the upcoming historical adventure film Edge of the World dives into the story of Sir James Brooke, the British explorer who became Sarawak’s first Rajah. Directed by Michael Haussman, Edge of the World stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Brooke and Dominic Monaghan as his second-in-command Colonel Arthur Crookshank. Meyers is best known for his role as King Henry VIII on The Tudors, while Tolkien fans will fondly remember Monaghan’s time as Merry in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He was also a vital part of Lost‘s ensemble as Charlie Pace.

Edge of the World won’t be released in the U.K. until June 21, but it will arrive in the United States several weeks earlier. The film is expected to drop on digital and VOD on Friday, June 4. Edge of the World tells the story of Sir Brooke, the man who defied the British Empire to rule the land of Sarawak in 1839. Brooke as a historical figure inspired such stories as Rudyard Kipling’s The Man Who Would Be King and Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim.

Samuel Goldwyn Films has granted Screen Rant exclusive access to the United States trailer for Edge of the World. The nearly two-minute clip details Brooke’s journey to Borneo, from his arrival to the moment he realizes his so-called allies are pirates. Watch as he transforms from a former soldier to the leader of a jungle civilization and embraces his new reality. “I must love the jungle,” Brooke says. “The beauty, and the blood.” Check out the trailer down below.

Edge of the World also stars Josie Ho, Hannah New (best known for another pirate project, Black Sails), and Ralph Ineson (Game of Thrones). This is very much Meyers’ show, though Monaghan looks to put in a vital supporting performance right alongside him. Sir James Brooke isn’t a well-known historical figure, but he has clearly proven to be an influential one. In that sense, it should be interesting to see his story play out in Edge of the World, which can allow for more people to learn about him and his adventures.

Edge of the World looks to be a solid addition to the period drama canon and calls to mind other movies about British explorers, like The Lost City of Z. That film, which starred Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson, takes place in a different time period, yet fans of it might still find themselves drawn to Haussman’s latest. Edge of the World will debut in less than two months, and then audiences can see how it stacks up compared to past adventure flicks.

Source: Samuel Goldwyn Films