Equation puzzle leaves viewers puzzled! can you solve it?

Monday, 11/12/2023, 11:45 (GMT+7)

The equation leaves many stumped. Your challenge is to solve the correct answer based on clues from tables, blue paper rolls, and alarm clocks.

Mathematical brainteasers always leave you stumped and challenge your brain. The equation below is proof of that. Internet users are scratching their heads to find the answer, but they fail.

A new mathematical equation has been discussed on social media.

A user named Emmy from the US, known as @brixwe, posted the baffling equation on X, formerly Twitter. Her post not only sparks deep discussion among internet users about solutions to the equation but also hints at keen critical thinkers.

Equation puzzle leaves viewers puzzled! can you solve it? 1
On X, Emmy, who goes by @brixwe, posted an equation along with the question, "What did you get?"Image Credits: Twitter

The post has the caption, "What did you get?"

The image showed the puzzle, including particular objects: a table, an alarm clock set to a precise time, and rolls of blue paper, along with three sums that have been pre-solved.

Equation puzzle leaves viewers puzzled! can you solve it? 2
Many people are baffled by the equation, while others try to figure it out.

The initial equation has three alarm clocks, reading 02:00, added together, with the resulting sum listed as 6.

In the second equation, there is a solitary 02:00 alarm clock accompanied by two four-legged tables. The total, when added together, is revealed to be 10.

The third equation consists of a four-legged table, six rolls of blue paper, and an additional six rolls of blue paper, totaling 16.

Finally, the fourth equation is left to an observer's devices to solve, as the complexity is turned up a notch.

The complexity is heightened in the fourth equation, leaving it to the observer's discretion to solve. This equation comprises four blue paper rolls added to a three-legged table, multiplied by an alarm clock that reads 05:00. 

Your challenge is to find the correct answer. Although the equation provides a hint for analytical minds to solve the final equation, it is more difficult than it initially appears.

Numerous X users have commented, sharing their answers to the equation.

Below the post, many users have shared their attempts at finding the solution.

Equation puzzle leaves viewers puzzled! can you solve it? 3
Do you know the answer? Image Credits: Getty

One person said: First, the eyes see the objects and presume 6, 4, and 2 without paying attention. A closer look is at 4, 3, and 5. It took me reading the article before I saw the three legs. The trick in the math equation is when you learn your math skills. Older people would simply work left to right: 4 + 3 = 7, 7 x 5 = 35. The new math would multiply 3 x 5 = 15 and then add 4 to get 19. Technically, the 3x5 portion should be enclosed in parenthesis.

A second wrote: Answer = 19. Multiplication takes precedence over addition. So, 3 (table legs) x 5 (on the timer) = 15, then 4 (toilet rolls) = 19.

A third comment: If 3x5 was in brackets, you'd do the multiplication first and add the 4 from the paper, which would equal 19. The way the problem is written, I'd say the answer is 35.

Someone else said: Using BODMAS, the answer is 19. Doing the functions in the order in which they are presented answers 35.

Previously, other complex math questions designed for 10-year-olds left viewers puzzled

It not only left parents scratching their heads in search of the answer but also stumped some teachers.

The post was shared on Twitter by Rishi Sunak, who was helping her 10-year-old daughter with her math homework.

Equation puzzle leaves viewers puzzled! can you solve it? 4
This challenging math problem leaves internet users who attempted to solve it also experiencing difficulties. Image: annabotting/Twitter

However, she admitted that complex math questions are challenging for some of us, and when faced with such questions, he gets stumped.

The post read:  "At the beginning of the day, Hasim counted his money. 'He gave his brother 1/3 of his money. He spent £12 on a present for his sister. He then counted what he had left, and it was half what he had at the beginning of the day. How much money did he give his brother? Show your method."

Below the post, many full-grown adults admit to having difficulty solving it, and some even opt to give up.

Equation puzzle leaves viewers puzzled! can you solve it? 5
Parents have been left stumped by this challenging equation problem. Image Credits: Getty

One person said: I’ve just done what everyone else has done, seen the answer from someone else, and claimed it as my own. The answer is £24. Easy!

A second wrote: I'm 71 and grew up on mental arithmetic. So £12 plus 1/3 = 1/2. Therefore, £24 plus 2/3 is the total amount. Therefore, the answer is £24. Simple

A third gasp: I think it’s confusing for us because Bob didn’t have it; I'm too busy thinking about how inclusive we’ve become since I was in school (a good thing) to even think about working out the sum.