Extremely rare 4-eared cat

Tuesday, 11/04/2023, 00:00 (GMT+7)

This extremely rare four-eared cat was abandoned at birth due to its deformed appearance. But the cat was adopted by a kind family

The cat has 4 ears.

The cat named Midas at birth already possessed unusual ears, which is believed to be the result of mutations in the silent genes of the father and mother cats.

Extremely rare 4-eared cat 1
Extremely Rare Portrait of a Four-Eared Cat
Extremely rare 4-eared cat 2
Extremely Rare Portrait of a Four-Eared Cat

Midas cats are Russian blue-eyed cats with grayish, thick, fluffy coats. Many people were surprised when the Midas cat had four ears.

Although there are more ears than the average cat, these two small ears do not help Midas hear better. It has perfectly normal hearing and has two large ears and two extra small ears.

Extremely rare 4-eared cat 3
Extremely rare 4-eared cat

A four-eared cat was adopted by a kind family 

Cat Midas was born with four deformed ears. He was abandoned at first and then adopted by a kind family. Cemre Polat - A Turkish woman adopted this poor cat and gave it a happy home.

Cemre Polat hopes her efforts will encourage others to adopt unusual animals. Sometimes it's what makes something extraordinary that makes them special.

Extremely rare 4-eared cat 4
Because of Midas's four unique ears, it quickly became a hot topic on the Internet.

Midas, the four-eared cat, arrived at a new home and made friends with a dog and a cat. Midas' owner, Cemre Polat, said, "I don't know if cats can actually hear through their small ears, but they don't seem to feel any pain and Midas doesn't have any hearing problems. Apart from her unique appearance, Midas behaves just like any other normal cat.

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Midas, a cat with four ears from Türkiye, has become popular on Instagram.

Happy with his new home, Midas the four-eared cat quickly became famous on Instagram, with thousands of followers.