Falcon's Stunt Double Explains How He Prepared for Sam To Use Cap's Shield

MCU stuntman Aaron Toney knew Sam would be using the Captain America shield on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, so he took steps to prepare for it.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier stunt double Aaron Toney reveals how he prepared for Sam using the Captain America shield. Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) has been a part of the MCU since 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but only recently has he stepped into the spotlight with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The Disney+ series, which takes place in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame, dives deeper into Sam’s world than ever before. In between trips to his Louisiana hometown and scenes with his family, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier explored Sam’s characterization, particularly in regards to how he’s the perfect replacement for Steve Rogers (Chris Evans).

Days after the episode’s premiere, Mackie’s stunt double Aaron Toney shared some insight into how he prepared himself for future shield work. Toney posted a video of himself flipping with the Captain America shield and revealed it was actually from 2019, in the early days of prepping for Sam’s transition. In the caption, Toney explained how he tried to “purposely weight myself down” so that he could get ready for the future costume restrictions. As a result, he wore semi-light tactical boots and light padding. Check out the awesome video down below.

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When he was the Falcon, Sam’s fighting style combined hand-to-hand movements and high-flying spins to make for some thrilling visuals. As Captain America, he so far seems to be holding onto his Falcon style, only he now integrates the shield in creative ways. When looking at Sam’s shield training sessions from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it’s easy and fascinating to see how Toney’s early work came into play on the show.

Though Sam only officially became Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Solider‘s final episode, it’s all but certain he will be back in another project. Mere hours after the finale premiered, Marvel announced Captain America 4 is in development. This will likely continue Sam’s story on the big screen, meaning Toney isn’t quite done with his shield work just yet. Perhaps by the time the movie debuts, Sam’s moves will have evolved even further. That would be pretty thrilling.

Source: Aaron Toney/Instagram