Fast & Furious 9 Trailer Reveals How Han Returns & Space-Set Action Scene

Universal Pictures releases the latest and most likely final The Fast and Furious 9 trailer as it gears up for its June 2021 release date.

Update: Here’s our breakdown of the Fast & Furious 9 trailer.

A brand new The Fast and Furious 9 trailer has been released. Following a series of significant delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, the latest installment in the Vin Diesel-led automobile-centric franchise is now slated to release in June 2021 (following a May 2021 world premiere in South Korea). That’s a two-year push back from its original April 2019 rollout schedule. Given that,  Universal Pictures is doing a final major promotional push for the blockbuster before it hits theaters.

Starting the final trilogy for The Fast Saga before it wraps up with The Fast and Furious 11, F9 will pit Dominic Toretto against family with his estranged brother Jakob who will be the narrative’s main antagonist. Making him more dangerous other than his burning desire to kill Dom is the fact that he’s backed by cyberterrorist Cipher, who was first introduced in The Fate of the Furious. Fortunately, his crew is fully supporting him in what could be his most intense and emotional battle yet. But aside from the usual members of his “la familia,” there are also some old allies coming back to the forefront of the franchise including Han, who was presumed dead after the events of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

As promised when the latest batch of motion posters for each of the main characters of F9 was released, the new trailer is now live. It offers some new looks at what to expect from the much-anticipated blockbuster, as well as, keep the hype up until its premiere.

Amidst a string of action set pieces that The Fast Saga has been synonymous with in the last several years, arguably the most interesting moment from the F9 trailer is Han’s return. While previous promotional clips have revealed that it will be Mia and Letty to recruit Han back to Dom’s crew, this latest teaser provides more context as to how he gets roped in. As it turns out, it’s all part of the team’s attempt to go head-to-head with Jakob who has a private army as revealed by Mia. From the looks of it, they go to Japan in the hopes of getting additional backup and are reunited with Han instead.

Additionally, the final tag scene in The Fast and Furious 9 trailer where Tej and Roman are dressed like astronauts riding a  car strapped with rocket boosters may be setting up the franchise potentially going to space. Diesel has been coy when previously asked about the matter after rumors started swirling around that this will be what the final films of The Fast Saga will be about. For what it’s worth, the film series has been pushing the boundaries in terms of coming with over-the-top action scenes and a galactic adventure doesn’t seem to be outside the realm of possibility for

Source: Universal