Goat Chinese Zodiac horoscope 2023: Love, money, and lucky dates

Monday, 22/05/2023, 17:05 (GMT+7)

The Goat is the eighth sign in the Chinese zodiac, typified by a gentle nature and strong sense of resilience.

Goat Chinese Zodiac horoscope 2023: Love, money, and lucky dates 1
The Goat is known for its laidback nature (Picture: Getty)

The origin story of this zodiac illustrates the traits associated with each sign, with each animal’s position in the calendar determined by their place in what’s known as The Great Race.

The legend goes that the Jade Emperor tasked a group of animals with crossing a river to reach him on the opposite bank.

The Horse came in seventh after being startled by the wily Snake, while the Goat, Monkey and Rooster followed on a raft.

Although Rooster had found the raft, the Goat and Monkey worked together to clear away weeds and push the trio to shore.

As a result, the Jade Emperor praised the three for their cooperation, giving the Goat eighth place and cementing its position as one of the biggest team players in the zodiac

Goat Chinese Zodiac horoscope 2023: Love, money, and lucky dates 2
The Goat came in eighth in the Great Race story (Picture: Getty Images)

Chinese signs are also split into five elements – Water, Wood, Metal, Fire and Earth – which are said to offer a deeper look into the characteristics of those born in certain years.

The Fire Goat, for example, is associated with honesty and frankness, while the Water Goat is known for its altruism.

However, there are a few qualities that all Goat natives possess: creativity, enthusiasm for learning new skills, strong defensive instincts, perseverance, a gentle manner, thoughtfulness, and an innate sense of justice.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about how 2023 will play out for these breezy billy Goats according to Chinese astrology, from what to expect in love to how to bring yourself a little extra luck..

Goat sign birth years

You’re a Goat sign if you were born in the following years:









However, if you were born in January, February, or March, you may want to double check your sign using an online calculator. Because the signs change from Chinese New Year onwards, it can catch you out.

Goat horoscope for 2023

This year is set to be a good one for those born in the Year of the Goat, with plenty of joyful moments predicted – including the potential for a big trip, event or meeting with someone influential.

In terms of health, Goats should continue to keep an eye on their wellbeing and avoid working too hard or burning the candle at both ends. If their habits are healthy, they should avoid issues.

  Steering clear of greed, comparisons or taking things for granted is recommended for Goat natives, as this is where problems may arise – and these could impact all aspects of life, from relationships to careers. Just keep being that calm and kind self and things should fall into place.

Those born under the Goat sign are also predicted to move house this year. While this will improve the family dynamic, it may cause squabbles and tension. These arguments are easily resolved, so try not to sweat the small stuff and see the bigger picture during disputes (although you may need to set clear boundaries in some situations).

Goat Chinese Zodiac horoscope 2023: Love, money, and lucky dates 3
Goats are an important part of Chinese legend (Picture: Getty Images)

Goat love horoscope for 2023

It’s predicted that Goat natives will see some miscommunication in their love lives this year, perhaps due to an emotionally unavailable partner or more tangible issues like housing.

Goats may find that these struggles disappear by themselves over time, but if they cause the end of a relationship, it’s meant to be. Better things are on the horizon for those born under the sign, and negative energy must be released to leave space for the new.

Over spring and summer it’s expected that the sign’s social calendar will be full up, and single Goats might find romance during the warmer months. This connection can help rebuild trust after bad experiences, but do double-check that this fresh perspective isn’t merely a case of rose-coloured glasses.

Goat work and money horoscope for 2023

In 2023, Goats will be influenced by Tianyi nobles (four positive gods in Taoist tradition) and Kuigang nobles (another four ‘pillar gods’) in the careers sector, which is great news if you’re looking to make progress at work.

 Promotions or significant advancement is predicted, with the hard work of previous years finally paying off. Look out for interesting opportunities Goats, and don’t be afraid to put yourself forward for them.

Goat natives will see a boost in their confidence as a result of this recognition, meaning they’ll breeze through presentations and client-facing projects. They should keep an eye on communication to ensure they’re not too blunt at times, but not shy away from taking credit where it’s due.

Money will also flow into the pockets of those born in the Year of the Goat in 2023, as all that groundwork (either at work or via investments) begins to offer financial rewards.

To temper this, Goat natives must set actually achievable goals (dreaming too big will leave you feeling inadequate) and avoid lending money. This sign is generous to a fault but may need some extra cash in years to come, so shouldn’t feel guilt at putting something away for the future.

Lucky dates, numbers and talismans for Goat signs

Lucky days: Luck is smiling down on Goat natives on 7th and 30th of each Chinese lunar month.

Lucky numbers: The Goat’s lucky numbers are 2 and 7, along with combinations of these digits (such as 27 and 72).

Lucky colours: Those born in the year of the Goat will find good fortune by wearing the colours green, red or purple.

Lucky charms: Carnations and primroses are considered lucky flowers for Goat natives, so fill your home with these blooms if you want to invite good fortune inside.

 It’s also advised to place a laughing buddha at the entrance of your house facing the gate, as this is an auspicious sign for the year ahead.