Goose refuses to go, watching his partner undergo surgery in the hospital

Thursday, 16/03/2023, 09:30 (GMT+7)

When a doctor operates on a goose, its mate is still waiting outside the door of her room, refusing to leave.

Goose refuses to go, watching his partner undergo surgery in the hospital 1
When doctors operated on a goose, outside the door of its mate's room was still waiting, refusing to leave.

The sweet behavior of the geese warmed the hearts of netizens all over the world. The incident took place at the Cape Town Wildlife Center in Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA.

Goose is a rare animal known for its loyalty, having only one mate in its life. The Cape Wildlife Center shared the story of their first sighting on their Facebook page. Center representatives said they do not allow visitors during the surgery, but this time an exception was made for the goose's partner.

A Canada goose named Arnold lives in a pond near the Cape Wildlife Centre. An examination by staff found that Arnold had broken two bones in his foot, causing him to limp and fall several times.


Goose refuses to go, watching his partner undergo surgery in the hospital 2
Arnold's partner stands at the door and refuses to leave

Veterinarians operated on Arnold. But when they brought Arnold into the room, they soon discovered that his partner was trying to get close to Arnold.

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Veterinarians couldn't get Arnold's buddy out, so they left him at the door. During Arnold's operation, he stood outside the door and watched without leaving for a minute.

"The goose was there throughout Arnold's surgery, watching us work and never leaving the door for a minute," the center worker said.

Arnold's surgery was ultimately successful. After Arnold woke up, the staff put Arnold at the door, allowing the couple to reunite. However, to ensure Arnold's full health, doctors had to treat him further in the room before releasing him back into the wild with his mates. The staff tried to allow both of them to see each other through the glass windows.

The online community spread the moving story, and the comments section was flooded with thanks and appreciation for the Wildlife Centre. "What a great love story! Thank you for your concern and help. Arnold will soon be reunited with his loved one." Netizens commented one after another.

The story of this geese couple shows the emotional side of wild animals and shows why they too need protection and care. Wildlife conservation is very important to animals like Arnold and his mate.

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