Goose warms abandoned puppy in cold weather

Tuesday, 18/04/2023, 14:45 (GMT+7)

Through this story, we can see the compassion of the animals in their kingdom. What a beautiful thing to witness!

Humans are born with the ability to understand and share each other's feelings. In the eyes of many, this ability is the fundamental difference between humans and animals.

Goose warms abandoned puppy in cold weather 1
Image Credits: suzanne padaPetra/Facebook

However, according to experts, animals can also empathize with other animals. The following story of the goose and the puppy is the clearest proof.

Goose warms abandoned puppy in cold weather 2
Image Credits: suzanne padaPetra/Facebook

A post went viral on Facebook featuring a photo of a goose cuddling a puppy. If it weren't for the geese, the puppy would have frozen to death.

The goose gently wraps its wings around the baby and pulls the puppy closer so it can benefit from its warmth. Finally, the puppy fell asleep under the protection of the goose.

Thankfully, the pup and goose were later adopted together and now form a lasting friendship in a family setting. Now they are inseparable. It's nice to have them together.

Goose warms abandoned puppy in cold weather 3
Image Credits: suzanne padaPetra/Facebook

It's not always possible to see a goose taking care of a puppy, and this image is also very inspiring. While not the same species, there's nothing stopping an animal in extremis from showing care and concern for another animal.

Through the above beautiful images, people will probably appreciate two meaningful lessons. Under circumstances should we be grateful or hesitate to lend a helping hand to a person or animal in need?

Watching the video below: