Heartbreaking: the dog was abandoned in the middle of a busy road

Monday, 29/05/2023, 23:35 (GMT+7)

The motorist has received much criticism for his behavior with his pet dog, although some still have sympathy for him.

Video recorded by the car's dashcam shows the driver of the car suddenly opening the door and throwing the white dog on the road in Guangdong province (China) as the vehicles lined up. The driver's face does not appear in the video.


The abandoned dog tried to jump up and grab the car door, and also tried to jump in through the window, but couldn't. At this time, the dog turned and looked around blankly, trying to cross the road full of parked cars.

Just behind the dog's car, a heavy truck is driving. However, the driver ignored the pet dog next to the car and drove away. Fortunately, the dog was rescued by a security guard surnamed Feng at a nearby restaurant, Guangdong TV reported.

Feng said: "Many cars were stuck in traffic, and the dog wanted to run after the owner's car. I rescued the dog because I was afraid it would be hit by a car."

The security guard added that a stranger walking behind him offered to adopt the dog, but he declined because he knew the person was not the animal's true owner. The dog was then placed in the care of a friend of Feng's. According to the story, it was an animal lover who bathed his dog and bought many necessities.

After the incident attracted attention on social networks, the local traffic police said they were investigating a case in which a driver discarded pets at random and caused traffic jams. The behavior of the car driver has received a lot of criticism on the Internet, and many people think he is "heartless".

However, others expressed sympathy for the driver, suggesting that the dog may have done "bad things" and was thrown in the middle of the road in an attempt to justify its actions.

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