Here is why we should never leave a fan on while sleeping

Saturday, 05/08/2023, 18:12 (GMT+7)

This seemingly innocuous habit of turning on the fan while sleeping can have a negative impact on our health

Here is why we should never leave a fan on while sleeping 1
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Many people cannot sleep without a fan. In the hot summer, this need becomes more obvious and difficult to replace. While the fan itself is just a harmless electrical appliance, leaving it on all night while you sleep can have negative health consequences.

1. Sleeping with a fan causes a dry nose and mouth

Studies have shown that turning on a fan can cause sweat and moisture to evaporate more quickly, which can lead to dehydration and dry mouth and nose.

Here is why we should never leave a fan on while sleeping 2
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That's even more of a concern if you live in an area with hot, dry weather. If using a fan, be sure to hydrate your body well enough to compensate for lost fluids.

2. Sleeping with a fan causes worsening of allergy symptoms

If you have certain allergies, limit fan use while sleeping. Wind from fans can help circulate allergen particles, increasing the risk of conditions such as asthma, dry eyes, eye allergies, and hay fever, the researchers said.

Here is why we should never leave a fan on while sleeping 3
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3. Muscle cramps can be attributed to this factor. 

Temperatures tend to drop rapidly at night, and the cold is one cause of muscle cramps. Turning on a fan exposes your body to direct blowing cold air. In addition, on a hot night, the wind blown by the fan will increase the basic temperature of the human body, which can easily lead to heat-related diseases such as nausea or headache.

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To minimize the negative effects of using the fan for extended periods of time, you can consider the following alternatives:

Opening the windows while sleeping:

An easy solution to hot nights is to sleep with the windows open. Cool drafts at night (especially early in the morning) help keep the air in the room cool. If you're afraid of mosquitoes, try installing mosquito nets or screens on your windows.

Keep a wet towel or bucket full of water next to your bed:

To limit dehydration, place a wet towel next to the bed or a bucket filled with water and place it on the floor near the bed. This solution will significantly increase the humidity in the room.

Turn on the fan but turn it in the opposite direction:

If you can't sleep without a fan, try turning the fan in a different direction. That way, the wind doesn't blow directly at you. Placing a fan next to the window is also a good idea, as the rotation of the fan captures the air outside and directs it inside, constantly helping to circulate the air inside.