Husband's mischievous act at son's first birthday reduces wife to tears

Thursday, 18/05/2023, 16:15 (GMT+7)

After their son failed to tear into his birthday cake as expected, Candie, 40, experienced deep devastation when her husband unexpectedly "smashed" the cake into her face.

In an act of playful mischief, her partner decided to pull a prank, which Candie captured on video and shared with others.

Despite his intention to make a joke, Candie expressed her discontent on TikTok, admitting that she felt an overwhelming urge to choke her husband and ended up sobbing uncontrollably.

The video has gained immense popularity, accumulating nearly 5 million views, and drawing criticism from viewers who labeled him as a "narcissist" and a "walking red flag". 

As the video begins, the couple positions themselves behind their son's high chair, preparing to sing the birthday song. In anticipation of the cake being placed in front of their son, the husband confidently remarks, "Just give him the cake."

From behind the camera, the family members join in singing, encouraging the one-year-old to "smash" the cake. A smash cake, typically a small iced sponge, is intentionally provided to children so they can joyfully dig into it with their hands, creating a delightful mess that often results in adorable photos being captured. 

 Husband's mischievous act at son's first birthday reduces wife to tears 1
Image Credits: New York Post

Despite the lack of enthusiasm from their son, who showed no interest in participating, the husband took matters into his own hands. In a spontaneous act, he forcefully smashed the cake into Candie's face, leaving many shocked and appalled.

Candie shared the incident in a video, along with the caption, "The moment I wanted to strangle my husband for putting our son's smash cake in my face, especially in front of family members I had just met for the first time." 

The husband's impulsive action of pushing the cake into Candie's face left many horrified.

 Husband's mischievous act at son's first birthday reduces wife to tears 2
Image Credits: New York Post

Accompanying the contentious clip, her caption read, "Amidst family, I had recently acquainted for the first time, there was a moment when I genuinely desired to throttle my husband. It was when he decided to smear our son's smash cake across my face." 

Voicing her discontent, Candie revealed her dismay, remarking, "Anticipating our son's inaugural birthday celebration and the cherished family portraits had been a long-held aspiration of mine.

 Husband's mischievous act at son's first birthday reduces wife to tears 3
Image Credits: New York Post

Regrettably, we managed to capture only a solitary photograph before I was compelled to cleanse myself. I remain perplexed as to why he believed this ill-conceived notion held any merit." 

The shocking footage outraged many viewers, who labeled it "unbelievable" and "shocking". Some empathized with Candie's feelings, expressing their disdain for the lack of empathy shown.

Despite the backlash, Candie now finds humor in the situation and has accepted that it was unpleasant. Many people have offered their support to her following the negative response to the initial video.