Iguana found inside Florida home’s toilet

Monday, 22/05/2023, 16:19 (GMT+7)

When John Riddle, 58, ventured to the bathroom in his Hollywood residence in Florida, he received an unpleasant surprise—an enraged iguana blocking his path.

As Riddle approached the toilet, he discovered an unexpected guest already occupying the bowl—an enormous reptile. The scaly intruder appeared as shocked as Riddle, hissing angrily and even posing for a menacing photo as it turned its head towards Riddle's camera.

Iguana found inside Florida home’s toilet 1
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Startled by the sight that greeted him in the bathroom, Riddle exclaimed, "To my surprise, I discovered Godzilla in my toilet bowl, and he expressed his displeasure by splashing water and hissing at me." 

Iguana found inside Florida home’s toilet 2
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Prior to proceeding with his original intentions, Riddle swiftly grabbed a net, typically used for pool cleaning, and safely removed the unwelcome visitor from the bathroom. Reflecting on the incident, he humorously added, "I guess I won't be leaving the door open for the dogs anymore."

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Although not native to Florida, these giant lizards have made their way into the region in recent decades, causing damage to structures and even triggering power outages.

Originally hailing from Central America and certain eastern Caribbean islands, iguanas were introduced to Florida in the 1960s, and their population has been steadily growing since.

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Due to their ability to infiltrate sewer systems and their adept swimming skills, it is not uncommon for them to end up in someone's toilet.

Wildlife experts emphasize that iguanas can transmit salmonella to pets, contribute to erosion near lakes and canals, and during temperature drops, the National Weather Service in Miami has even issued advisories regarding falling iguanas.

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