Is farting on a pillow a prank that can cause someone 'pink eye'?

Friday, 02/02/2024, 08:12 (GMT+7)

Although everyone thinks that farting on a pillow can cause someone's pink eyes, is it true and why might this happen?

The concept notion of farting on a pillow as a prank that can cause pink eye has sparked curiosity and debate. Many people have wondered whether this childhood prank holds any truth or if it's simply a prank. 

Let's explore the reality behind this belief and uncover the facts about pink eye and its causes.

Is farting on a pillow a prank that can cause someone 'pink eye'? 1
Whether or not farting on someone's pillow causes them pink eye? Image Credit: Getty

What is the pink eye disease?

Pink eye, formally known as conjunctivitis, is a condition characterized by various symptoms. 

It typically manifests as redness in the eyes, accompanied by itching, excessive tearing, and a gritty feeling.

In some cases, the discharge associated with the pink eye can cause the eyelashes to stick together, making it uncomfortable for the affected individual. 

Although pink eye does not usually have a significant impact on vision, it is highly contagious.

Is farting on a pillow a prank that can cause someone 'pink eye'? 2
Pink eye is a contagious condition that causes redness, itching, tearing, and discomfort but rarely affects vision. Image Credit: Getty

What causes someone's pink eye?

There are several common causes of pink eye. 

Allergies, such as those triggered by pollen or pet dander, can lead to the development of allergic conjunctivitis. 

Bacterial infections, often caused by bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pneumoniae, can also result in bacterial conjunctivitis. 

Viral infections, such as those caused by the adenovirus, are responsible for viral conjunctivitis. 

Additionally, foreign objects in the eye or a blocked tear duct can contribute to the occurrence of pink eye.

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Common causes of pink eye include allergies, bacterial infections, viral infections, and foreign objects/blockage of tear ducts. Image Credit: Getty

Is farting on a pillow a prank that can cause someone 'pink eye'?

There is a belief that farting on someone's pillow can trigger pink eye. However, this is completely false. 

Farts primarily consist of gases such as methane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and small amounts of hydrogen and oxygen. 

Methane gas, the main component, does not contain any bacteria. Even if bacteria were present in the gastrointestinal tract, they would not survive for long once expelled into the air. 

Bacteria require a suitable environment with moisture and nutrients to thrive, which is not present in fart gases.

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Farting on someone's pillow cannot cause them pink eye. Image Credit: Getty

Defecate on a pillow could lead to someone's pink eye

Dr. Amir Mozavi, in an enlightening article for Allina Health, debunks this medical myth and sets the record straight.

While farting on a pillow won't cause pink eye, if someone were to defecate on a pillow, it could potentially lead to an eye infection. 

Now you read that correctly! 

Fecal matter contains a variety of bacteria and viruses that can irritate the eyes and cause an infection. 

If these pathogens come into contact with your eyes, whether directly from fecal matter or indirectly from contaminated hands, it may result in pink eye or other eye-related issues.

How can we avoid the pink eye?

To keep our eyes from pink eye disease, it's crucial to practice good hygiene habits.

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While farting on a pillow may not give someone pink eyes, defecating on it does the exact opposite. Image Credit: Getty

Regularly and thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water is an absolute must, especially after using the bathroom or handling potentially dirty objects. 

Avoid touching your eyes with unwashed hands to minimize the risk of introducing harmful pathogens. 

If you wear contact lenses, remember to discard any contaminated ones and follow proper lens care guidelines.

Using clean washcloths and towels daily is also important to prevent the transfer of bacteria and viruses to your eyes. 

Do not share personal items or cosmetics with others, as this can contribute to the spread of infections.

Don't forget to change your pillowcases regularly, particularly if you suspect someone has been attempting the infamous farting prank.