John Stamos Shares Lori Loughlin's Theory Of Why Olsen Twins Never Cameoed On Fuller House

In a new interview, John Stamos reveals Lori Loughlin’s theory for why Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen never appeared on Netflix’s Fuller House.

John Stamos reveals Lori Loughlin’s theory for why Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen never appeared on Fuller House. Netflix’s sequel series to the beloved family sitcom Full House premiered in 2016 and became a nostalgia-fueled success for the streamer. Somewhat mimicking the original show’s premise, Fuller House followed a grown DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure) after the death of her husband. To help with raising her three boys, DJ moves back to her family home along with her sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and best friend Kimmy (Andrea Barber).

Much of the appeal behind Fuller House was the returning cast; a good number of familiar faces from Full House returned, save for two major exceptions. On the original show, the Olsen twins alternated playing the youngest Tanner, Michelle, and fans believed they would return for Fuller House. However, despite the series running for five seasons and featuring a handful of references to Michelle, Fuller House never featured an Olsen appearance. The twins reportedly turned down offers to return, and according to Bure, they were not asked again ahead of Fuller House‘s final season.

It’s never been explicitly clear why the Olsens refused to return, but their former co-star Loughlin apparently has a theory. While appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to promote his Disney+ series Big Shot, Stamos shared his onscreen wife’s idea for the Olsens’ lack of involvement. “You know, we were disappointed, but we understood,” Stamos said. “I remember Lori saying to me, ‘They won two or three CFDA awards. That’s like winning two or three Oscars. If you won three Oscars, would you come back and do this?’” CFDA stands for the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

John Stamos and one of the Olsen twins as Jesse Katsopolis and Michelle Tanner in Full House

Loughlin could have a point, simply because the Olsen twins are firmly within the fashion world now instead of the television one. Fans were disappointed not to see neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley appear at any point throughout Fuller House, and undoubtedly some of their cast members were as well. Interestingly, there was once a time when Stamos attempted to get the Olsen twins fired from Full House, but they’ve likely moved on from that point. Odds are, the twins were just too busy to get involved.

Sadly, their refusal to appear also meant Fuller House went without a Michelle. There were some who thought the twins’ sister, Elizabeth Olsen, could’ve played Michelle for the show, but it might not have worked out as well. Fuller House did as much as it could to supply the nostalgia fans wanted, and on many instances, it succeeded. Perhaps if the franchise ever gets revived again, the Olsens will finally return. Until then, though, they remain firmly apart from the series that kicked off their careers.

Source: Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen