'Legends of Tomorrow' Will Lose Some Heat With Dominic Purcell's Exit

It looks like the decision may have come from an inflamed studio dispute.

, 5:45 p.m. ET: As of this afternoon, Purcell has deleted the original post from his Instagram account that originally seemed to be announcing his Legends of Tomorrow exit. Prior to that, an updated caption on the post indicated that he was still leaving the series but would leave the door open for future appearances, stating “Truth is yes I am leaving @cw_legendsoftomorrow but will come back periodically.” The original story reported from this morning is below. We’ll continue to provide updates on any further developments as we have them.

Dominic Purcell has set speculation ablaze via  personal Instagram account by announcing he’s walking away from of Tomorrow. The actor has played Mick Rory, aka Heat Wave, in the series since its first season, after debuting as the villain on The Flash.

It doesn’t seem like Purcell’s departure may have been entirely planned, given that the actor used his Instagram to tell fans that he’s walking away from the show and has no interest in negotiating a possible return. As Purcell puts it: “I have no interest. Whatever cash they throw on the corporate level.”

Purcell also used his post to ask cast colleagues Caity Lotz and Nick Zano to take care of the show’s newcomers, teaching them not to expect any loyalty from the studio. In Purcell’s words: “They [the actors] are a number— teach them to not rely on loyalty from the studio. The studio does not care. The actors’ work ethic and talent must give them the confidence to question authority.” The actor didn’t offer any further details about what motivated him to make this decision. The CW also hasn’t made any official statement regarding Purcell’s public resignation as of this reporting.

via The CW

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Whatever his motives, Purcell quitting Legends of Tomorrow is a huge loss for the show and a signal things may not be going too well behind-the-scenes. Purcell is the latest cast member who isn’t coming back after Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford left last year mid-Season 5, as well as Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who at the end of the same season. As of now, Lotz is the only remaining original cast member on the series, as Dano originally joined in Season 2. Purcell’s announcement comes right after the release of the trailer for Season 6 of Legends of Tomorrow, in which Heat Wave is still a core member of the super team.

Season 6 of Legends of Tomorrow will premiere on May 2, with a new episode coming to The CW every Sunday. You can read the actor’s original Instagram announcement below:

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