Loki Trailer Set To Midsommar Music Gives The Show A Sinister Vibe

The trailer for Marvel’s Loki series was mashed up with music from Midsommar, infusing the show with Ari Aster’s signature sinister vibe.

The trailer for Marvel’s Loki set to music from Midsommar gives the show a sinister vibe. Since his MCU debut in 2011’s Thor, Loki has proven time and time again that he truly is the God of Mischief. While many thought Loki’s death at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War could be the end of his MCU arc, Endgame provided the setup for his return. While not much is known about Loki’s solo outing, it is expected to be a different type of series for Marvel since it features an antagonist in its lead role.

Released in 2019, Midsommar is Ari Aster’s sophomore film after his directorial debut, Hereditary, in 2018. His eagerly awaited next film will be Disappointment Blvd., starring Joaquin Phoenix. All three of the auteur’s films have been with indie studio A24. Midsommar follows a group of college students played by Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, Vilhelm Blomgren, William Jackson Harper, and Will Poulter, who travel to Sweden for a Midsommar festival. The film performed well for an indie horror film and can be credited with sparking Pugh’s recent success, including her upcoming role in Black Widow.

A fan decided to set the Loki trailer to music from Midsommar, giving the Marvel series Aster’s patented sinister vibe. Robert E. Acuna posted the mashed-up trailer on Youtube. Though the video does not mention Aster’s Midsommar by name, the video description indicates the song is “The Dance of Death” by Audiomachine, which was famously used in a Midsommar trailer. Watch the mashed-up Loki trailer below:

Though the Loki series is going for a more light-hearted tone than Aster’s works, the music from Midsommar gives the trailer a mischievous tone that suits the character strangely well. Since Loki is known as the God of Mischief who has “literally stabbed people in the back like 50 times,” it should not come as a surprise that the trailer blends seamlessly with Midsommar‘s sinister score.

This is not the first time another property has been mashed up with Midsommar to infuse it with the distinct aura of Aster’s unsettling horror films. Recently, an episode of The Great British Bake Off was edited in the style of Midsommar, which worked peculiarly well. To say farewell to the year 2020, superstar Taylor Swift randomly tweeted a picture of herself in the bear costume from Midsommar’s dark denouement. This Loki trailer will probably not be the last Midsommar mash-up, as it remains omnipresent in the cultural zeitgeist.

Source: Robert E. Acuna