Love Sausage WILL Return in The Boys Season 3

Love Sausage, the Russian superhero introduced in The Boys season 2, will make a comeback in season 3 according to creator Eric Kripke.

According to The Boys‘ Eric Kripke, Russian superhero Love Sausage will return to the show when season 3 hits. The Boys introduced a ton of new characters for its second season, which recently completed its run of episodes on Amazon Prime. Kimiko’s brother was deemed a super terrorist, Ryan (Homeland and Becca Butcher’s son), and Stormfront, a literal Nazi superhero. However, none of them made quite the impact did Love Sausage, after appearing in the season’s sixth episode.

When the gang goes to Sage Grove to continue their investigation into Stormfront’s activities, they find many supes being injected with Compound V against their will. When all hell breaks loose, and the gang must escape the mental institution, they become trapped in a room that is soon broken into by none other than Love Sausage himself. Using his superpower, which involves his oversized penis being able to extend to incredible lengths, Love Sausage breaks a window into the room and begins to choke Mother’s Milk with his member. Love Sausage is neutralized, and the gang escapes.

Fans of the character and the show have not seen the last of Love Sausage, though. According to showrunner Eric Kripke, who answered fan questions on Twitter, Love Sausage will be back in season 3 of the show. Kripke stated that Love Sausage was only included in later rewrites of the episode to up the outrageousness of the sequence. While Kripke says it’s hard to bring Love Sausage in as a recurring character because of his powers’ absurdity, it was something he always wanted to get into the series. He ends the short video by saying that Love Sausage will be back for the show’s third season.

This should come as no surprise to fans of the comic book. Love Sausage has an interesting relationship with the titular Boys, becoming intertwined in their schemes to bring down The Seven. In the comics, he bonds with Hughie and is one of the only likable supes that The Boys encounters. The Boys even collaborate with the Russian supe on some missions, bringing him into the fold. However, he eventually meets his demise at Butcher’s hands when he is shot with an RPG.

Love Sausage fits right in with the outrageous world that Kripke is building for the show, and his superpower is not that far out when considering some of the other crazy visuals Kripke has given fans over the first two seasons. Bringing Love Sausage back makes sense, too. The Boys have already collaborated with two supes, Starlight and Queen Maeve, so bringing in some fresh supe blood to the group for the show’s new season would shake things up quite a bit. It would also provide more of the outrageous visual gags that The Boys is known for. Season 3 is set to start shooting sometime in early 2021, so fans may not get a glimpse of Love Sausage again for quite some time, even if the memory of his one scene in season 2 lives on.

Source: Eric Kripke via Twitter