Mads Mikkelsen Is Mad in First Trailer for ‘Riders of Justice’

Mikkelsen is bald, he’s got a beard, and he’s ready for vengeance.

Mads Mikkelsen is Markus Hansen, a father and husband seeking justice for his late wife in the new film of Justice, which just released a trailer before it premieres in theaters May 14 and on demand May 21.

The first trailer for Riders of Justice shows Hansen coming home after being deployed to take care of his teenage daughter, Mathilde, after his wife and her mother has died in what seems like a tragic train accident. That is until a man named Otto (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) tells Hansen the entire accident was actually a calculated series of events in order to provide cover for the assassination of someone else on the train. Otto would know, as he also was on the train and witnessed the horrors of the “accident” firsthand.

via Magnet

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The film is written and directed by Anders Thomas Jensen, who Mikkelsen has previously collaborated with on the 2015 film Men & Chicken. For fans of that strange and darkly humorous film, Riders of Justice is sure to be a treat as it executes on what makes the creative duo’s prior collaboration so perfect. There are consistently well-crafted moments of humor that also go hand-in-hand with a quite deadly serious story without ever feeling out of place.

This marks the continuation of a great run for Mikkelsen, who recently starred in the complicated portrait of a group of drunk friends in Another Round, which has been nominated for Best International Feature Film and Best Director for Thomas Vinterberg. It was also recently announced that Mikkelsen was cast in the new Indiana Jones film from director James Mangold, alongside star Harrison Ford and new addition Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Riders of Justice opens on May 14 in Los Angeles and New York, then opens in theaters everywhere and On Demand May 21. Check out the trailer and poster for Riders of Justice below.