Man discovers little box full of kittens along train tracks

Saturday, 27/01/2024, 19:04 (GMT+7)

A taped box filled with kittens lying on the train tracks was spotted and rescued by a man.

In a heartwarming discovery along the train tracks, a man stumbled upon a little box filled with kittens

The unexpected find shocked him, prompting him to rescue the helpless felines. These kittens then found their real home where they deserved.

A man discovers a mysterious box along the train tracks

Recently, a man discovered a taped box left behind along the train tracks in Covington, Kentucky.

He got closer to discover what was inside as pets are often left behind here. This made the man not hesitate to open the box.

The man was then truly shocked when he discovered five kittens about 5 to 6 weeks old crammed into a box taped together.

Man discovers little box full of kittens along train tracks 1
Five cats about 5 to 6 weeks old were locked in a box taped together and placed along the train tracks. Image Credit: STRAY HAVEN

He quickly opened the entire box to help the kittens breathe easier and quickly contacted Stray Haven Pet Rescue for help.

After contacting Stray Haven, he was directed to go to a nearby rescue center and safely deliver the kittens to rescuers.

Kittens have unusual health problems

After going to a foster home and receiving better care, the kittens were adopted by a local woman who gave them a new home.

However, after just a while, their adoptive mother discovered unusual things about these kittens.

Man discovers little box full of kittens along train tracks 2
Their adoptive mother discovered unusual things after adopting the kittens. Image Credit: STRAY HAVEN

Conner, a rescue worker at Stray Haven Pet Rescue, said the adopter noticed unusual things about the kittens when she placed them in the bathroom.

The woman filmed these abnormalities and sent them to Conner to find out the cause.

Conner quickly realized the kittens were having neurological problems, which she called CH. Conner asked the woman to quickly take them back to the rescue center for a health check.

The kittens were diagnosed with cerebellar hyperplasia (CH), commonly known as wobbly cat syndrome.

What is Cerebellar hyperplasia (CH)?

Cerebellar hyperplasia (CH) in cats is a disease that causes abnormalities in the development and functioning of the cerebellar nervous system.

Man discovers little box full of kittens along train tracks 3
4 out of 5 kittens were diagnosed with CH. Image Credit: STRAY HAVEN

When they suffer from CH, cats will experience problems with balance, movement control, and posture.

They may have unstable movements, commonly going in the wrong direction or often staggering. Some cats even may have difficulty eating, drinking, and personal hygiene.

CH in cats can have many different causes such as genetics, being affected during fetal development, or due to other health problems.

Conner adopted CH kittens

"Four out of five kittens have moderate CH," Conner said.

She had experience caring for cats diagnosed with CH, so Conner volunteered to adopt and care for them.

Conner has also named them Rocky Road, Cherry Garcia, Pistachio, Sherrbet, and Chunky Monkey. Among them, Chunky is the only member who does not have CH.

Man discovers little box full of kittens along train tracks 4
Chunky Monkey is the only one that doesn't have CH. Image Credit: STRAY HAVEN

Kittens gradually recovered after 5 weeks

The rescue worker revealed that when she first brought them home, she discovered they had loose stools and couldn't stand up, so she was very worried that they had a more serious case of CH.

However, as they start to get older, they can stand up on all fours, and after three weeks, the cats can feed themselves and use the litter box. They gradually recovered after five weeks.

Man discovers little box full of kittens along train tracks 5
The cats gradually recovered after 5 weeks. Image Credit: STRAY HAVEN

Conner hopes they can fully recover soon and can adapt to normal life like other cats.

Stray Haven is also looking for families with experience working with CH pets to help these little creatures find a real home where they will have enough love despite their differences.