Man unravels phenomenon of 'damaging Taylor Swift' that makes viewers admire

Wednesday, 07/02/2024, 16:21 (GMT+7)

Taylor Swift received a lot of criticism after attending an NFL game to support her boyfriend, a man clarified this on TikTok and was praised by many people.

In a thought-provoking video on TikTok, a man has shed light on the harmful effects of the ongoing Taylor Swift hatred recently.

As Taylor Swift faced criticism for attending NFL games to support her partner, her haters did not realize the consequences of their negative comments. 

This man not only defends Swift but also highlights the impact such hate can have on young girls as well as their daughters.

Man unravels phenomenon of 'damaging Taylor Swift' that makes viewers admire 1
The man shared his views on hate for Taylor Swift on social media recently. Image Credit: Getty

Taylor Swift was criticized for joining the NFL to support her boyfriend

Since starting a new relationship with Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce, the singer has been the target of negative criticism as she attends NFL games to support her partner. me.

Not only has she received backlash from online users for attending Kelce's games, but some NFL fans are also outraged about the amount of time she appears on camera during sports games.

Even though that was something Taylor couldn't decide.

Man unravels phenomenon of 'damaging Taylor Swift' that makes viewers admire 2
There have been more and more negative comments towards Taylor since she got into a new relationship with boyfriend Travis Kelce. Image Credit: Getty

Some of the complaining comments include the following:

"It's really annoying when Taylor Swift keeps appearing in the match. It makes me feel like she's destroying football."

"Enough!!! This is a sports match, not a concert, stop filming her, it's annoying."

"She's intentionally seeking attention again!!!"

The comments crossed the line as Taylor was even cursed at as she walked through the stadium to cheer for her boyfriend.

A man sheds light on the phenomenon of "damaging Taylor Swift", making viewers admire

On the social network TikTok, a man explained the negative effects of hate towards Taylor Swift and made a strong impression on viewers.

As negativity towards one girl continues to increase, Robert People, a professional writer, used the TikTok account @peoplescourt79 to defend Taylor Swift and clarify the consequences of criticism towards the female singer.

Man unravels phenomenon of 'damaging Taylor Swift' that makes viewers admire 3
Robert posted a video clarifying the phenomenon of 'damaging Taylor Swift' on social networks. Image Credit: TikTok/ @peoplescourt79

This father sent his message to Taylor Swift's haters, especially the grown men who left rude, unreasonable comments towards Taylor Swift just because she supported her boyfriend. yourself in the NFL.

In the video, the father reminds that Taylor will not hear the words her haters are saying, but their daughter will be the one witnessing these things.

If not now, then in the future children will also accidentally see these things.

Man unravels phenomenon of 'damaging Taylor Swift' that makes viewers admire 4
The man emphasized that the daughters of haters are the ones who suffer this negativity. Image Credit: TikTok/ @peoplescourt79

Robert continued by asking, "Are you trying to make your daughter diminish herself and diminish the shine she has?"

The man asserted that people who decide to be themselves will receive more hate from the world and even their parents.

Robert mentioned grown men were leaving negative and rude comments towards Taylor. The father once again emphasized the need for improvement in a straightforward manner.

Man unravels phenomenon of 'damaging Taylor Swift' that makes viewers admire 5
Robert said an act of hate against a woman will happen to their daughter in the future. Image Credit: TikTok/ @peoplescourt79

Users supported Robert's video defending Taylor against recent negative criticism

Robert's video quickly attracted many fans and received countless compliments from them for his open and wise perspective.

Some users claimed the hate for Taylor was mainly from those who despise women and were trying to pass it off as some form of pop culture criticism.

"This is the wisest thing I've ever heard," one user said.

Another user even suggested mentioning that the haters' sons might see these and ask them to teach their sons how to properly treat a woman.