Man with 'teleportation powers' has left scientists confused for many years

Tuesday, 20/02/2024, 08:44 (GMT+7)

The mystery of a man's ability to teleport has remained an unanswered question for scientists for many years.

In a mysterious and puzzling story, a Chinese farmer becomes the center of a phenomenon that is said to have the ability to teleport.

He is said to have exercised his ability several times but no one can explain how he did it, even he could not give an answer.

Huang Yanqiu left people stunned over his teleportation power

Huang Yanqiu, who lived in a remote village called Dongbeigao in China's Hebei province, made headlines when he disappeared at night without the assistance of any vehicle, train, or plane.

Man with 'teleportation powers' has left scientists confused for many years 1
The man confused scientists with his ability to teleport. Image Credit: CCTV

What's more surprising, he reappeared in a location 500 miles from his home.

This incident shocked and confused the scientific community, as there was no reasonable explanation for this phenomenon.

Although there have been many attempts to explain this incident through medical and psychological analysis, there is no satisfactory explanation for Huang's extraordinary abilities.

Huang's strange disappearance

According to reports, Huang disappeared after failing to show up for work at a rice farm on the morning of July 28, 1977.

His clothes are still neatly arranged in his room and his bicycle is still parked next to the house.

Despite the search efforts of the villagers, there was no trace of Huang at that time.

Man with 'teleportation powers' has left scientists confused for many years 2
Huang suddenly disappeared without a trace on July 28. Image Credit: CCTV

The man was discovered sleeping in the city of Nanjing far from his village

However, after just a few days, a telegram was sent to the village mayor revealing that Huang was found sleeping on a road in Nanjing City, 485 miles from his village.

Remarkably, the time of the news announcement was 9:00 a.m. on July 28, coinciding with the time that Huang completely disappeared without a trace.

Many theories and questions have been raised about how Huang traveled hundreds of miles without any vehicle or even money.

The village mayor emphasized that Dogbeigao village at that time was completely isolated from the outside world.

Man with 'teleportation powers' has left scientists confused for many years 3
Huang teleported to Nanjing city far away from his village without needing any means of transportation. Image Credit: CCTV

There are no phones or cars here, and there aren't any other roads connecting Dongbeigao to other places. These conditions add to the mystery of Huang's teleportation abilities.

Residents also theorized that Huang had traveled by train.

However, this service at that time would also take many days to reach another place like Nanjing city. In addition, a major storm Babe was also occurring at that time, causing all trains to not depart.

Initial doubts about Huang Yanqiu's teleportation ability

At first, everyone did not believe that the man found in Nanjing City was Huang because he had a very recognizable birthmark on his hand.

However, through investigation and confirmation, the man actually had a birthmark just like what the village chief described about Huang. Finally, everyone had the answer: The man in Nanjing City was Huang Yanqiu.

Man with 'teleportation powers' has left scientists confused for many years 4
No one knows how did Huang teleport to the Nanjing City. Image Credit: Getty

The secret of Huang's teleportation ability is still a mystery

The 21-year-old man was later brought home after two weeks of disappearance but he couldn't explain how he could disappear from the village in such a short time.

Scientists were also unable to provide any answers about Huang's situation or even his teleportation ability.

Some reports revealed that Huang also exercised his teleportation power twice over the next few years, but the mystery of this man remains unsolved to this day.