Monster Hunter Movie Trailer Pits Milla Jovovich Against The Diablos

The first trailer for Sony’s Monster Hunter video game movie, starring Milla Jovovich as Artemis, reveals the first look at the Diablos.

The first teaser trailer for Monster Hunter shows off Milla Jovovich’s upcoming video game movie. Based on the wildly popular Capcom video game franchise, Jovovich is reteaming with Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson to bring Monster Hunter to the big screen. The movie was officially announced in 2016 and started filming near the end of 2018. Sony Pictures originally announced a September 2020 release date for Monster Hunter.

Heading into 2020, fans of the video games were interested to see what Monster Hunter will look like. There have already been promotional stills from the movie showing Jovovich as Artemis and Tony Jaa as The Hunter, but then coronavirus struck. Sony made the announcement a few months ago that Monster Hunter had been delayed and would now hit theaters on April 23, 2021. This was a big blow to those excited to see the movie in 2020, but now the first trailer for Monster Hunter reveals it has been moved back up to 2020.

IGN exclusively revealed the first teaser trailer for Monster Hunter today. Although it is only 16 seconds long, the trailer features the first look at the Diablos and several cast members. But, the trailer also confirmed that Monster Hunter will now be released in theaters in December 2020.

The teaser trailer for Monster Hunter may be incredibly short, but it does provide fans with a decent look at the large monsters known as Diablos. Artemis and her team – which includes Diego Boneta, T.I., and Meagan Good – encounter the monster in the middle of the desert. According to further details revealed by IGN, Artemis and co. are transported to the world of these deadly creatures by way of a mysterious sandstorm. This could be their first interaction with a monster after the unexpected journey, as The Hunter is not yet part of their team it appears.

With so little footage to go off of, it is still difficult to tell whether or not Monster Hunter will deliver on the potential of an adaptation of the games. Hopefully, Sony is planning to release a full trailer in the coming weeks that will reveal a better look at what the movie will be. Now that they’ve decided to move Monster Hunter back into this year, there isn’t that much time before the movie will be out in theaters. Sony will need to generate a lot of interest in the film in the meantime if they have any hope of Monster Hunter performing moderately well given the current state of movie theaters.

Source: IGN