'Mythic Quest' Season 2 Featurette Invites Us Behind the Scenes

It’s almost time for us to return to the team behind our favorite RPG.

Quest is coming back soon, and now we’ve got a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the new season on Apple TV+. Although production on Season 2 was briefly shut down in December due to COVID-19 restrictions, the team behind the series is back and ready to deliver us more episodes. With exclusive interviews and shots from the filming, this behind-the-scenes look is the perfect thing to get audiences ready to go back into the world of the game.

The series, which had been filming its second season already before the three-week shutdown, did release two bonus episodes separate from Season 1. Mythic Quest: Quarantine and Quest: Everlight are both a look at the heartache that many faced in the early months of the pandemic. And now, heading into Season 2, the team is still making sure to be COVID safe and bring us back our favorite creatives and programmers.

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What brings audiences into the world of Mythic Quest isn’t the magic elements of the game mixed in with the live-action show. It isn’t for just Ian Grimm and his over-inflated ego. It’s for the heart that bleeds through each episode of the show and into these larger-than-life characters that we fell in love with throughout Season 1.

Created by Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Megan Ganz, Mythic Quest is executive produced by McElhenney and Day under their RCG banner, Michael Rotenberg and Nicholas Frenkel on behalf of 3Arts, and Jason Altman, Danielle Kreinik and Gérard Guillemot for Ubisoft Film and Television. David Hornsby and Ganz also executive produce. The series is produced for Apple TV+ by Lionsgate, 3 Arts Entertainment and Ubisoft.

Season 2 of Mythic Quest airs on Apple TV+ on May 7, and it’s about time we got to go back to see the team behind the game. Check out the new-behind-the-scenes featurette below:

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