People were stumped by 5+ old thing they saw, here the answer

Tuesday, 20/02/2024, 12:02 (GMT+7)

Several users were baffled after finding an old item in their house, but they had no idea what it was.

Have you ever found something unknown in the storehouse? These objects were once familiar to our grandparents but nowadays they are rarely used and more have lost their purpose and meaning over time.

This includes the image shown above. Although this object was very familiar to our grandparents and great-grandparents, it is rarely used in its original form today. Interestingly, even the Internet has trouble defining its purpose.

1. A hand blender. 

This kitchen utensil is used for mixing food and can significantly speed up the mixing process compared to using a spoon. Although it lacks electrical features, its rotating element can still stir ingredients effectively.

People were stumped by 5+ old thing they saw, here the answer 1
Image Credits: Reddit

A mixer with rotating parts was patented in 1865 in Baltimore, Maryland. The egg beater was invented in 1857, followed by another patented egg beater in 1859.

Although automated alternatives are now available, these kitchen appliances remain extremely popular for their time-saving capabilities. It's interesting to see how popular these items have been in the past. Who knows, Maybe a century from now, people will be curious about the tools we use in the kitchen.

2.  It’s an asparagus server.

One user was left baffled after discovering unusual items while cleaning up his grandfather's belongings. He turned to Reddit to seek help in identifying these objects.

People were stumped by 5+ old thing they saw, here the answer 2
Image Credits: Reddit

In the picture, the object resembled a spoon, but its appearance was peculiar.

Underneath the post, several individuals were completely baffled by the unfamiliar item. While some suggested it could be a tea bag grabber, others speculated it could be an eyelid spreader. However, all of these guesses were incorrect!

Answer: It’s an asparagus server.

3. An oil candle.

On Reddit, one user left Viwer baffled after sharing a pitiful photo of a heavy glass object he saw while following his grandmother to clean.

The post was captioned: "What is this glass object? It's heavy, has no trace, and has a very narrow hole at the top."

People were stumped by 5+ old thing they saw, here the answer 3
Image Credits: Reddit

In the photo, the object is depicted as an unmarked object with a very narrow hole at the top.

Many netizens then gave their answers. Some said that it was a single rose vase, and others suggested that it was a fragrant vase.

4. Protective cap for a digital meat thermometer. 

Another user on Reddit sought help in identifying the purpose of unusual items.

The post was captioned: "What is this small, hollow, plastic capsule-like object?"

People were stumped by 5+ old thing they saw, here the answer 4
Image Credits: Reddit

In the comments section, some individuals suggested that it resembled the small safety device placed on the end of larger tweezers or other sharp-edged tools when they were new.

However, despite these suggestions, several users remained puzzled about its true identity.

One user said: I think I know! It’s the end cap for a drawstring. Cinching hoodie hoods or waistlines on pants.

A second wrote: It’s the shell that used to hold medication, but is now empty.

A third commented: It looks like the end of a drawstring, like on a hoodie sweatpants, or shoelaces. Aglets

Answer: Protective cap for a digital meat thermometer.

5. "Copper tube ends found in my yard" 

One user was baffled after finding these copper tubes in his yard, but he didn't know what they were. 

He then posted this picture on Reddit to seek the answer. 

People were stumped by 5+ old thing they saw, here the answer 5
Image Credits: Reddit

The object showed that the ends are closed off, and they're partially covered in white paint.

The user also explained: "I know the property has been uninhabited for years, and the neighbor kid told me it was a house known for illegal activities in the past. But it could just as easily be construction leftovers because the landlord did a ton of work before we moved in."

Below the post, several users shared their comments about the unusual item.

One user explained: "They are the ends cut off copper plumbing stubs. They are installed with a rounded, sealed end, and when the plumbing has been pressure tested and the fixtures are about to go on, they just cut the ends off."