'Prehistoric' shark hugs diver affectionately

Wednesday, 24/05/2023, 16:54 (GMT+7)

Whenever the diver comes to visit, the shark swims close and snuggles up to the diver. A diver in Australia has developed a peculiar relationship with a shark, according to Mirror.

Rick Anderson, a dive instructor in Australia, frequently dives at Jackson's Port in Sydney to spend time with a special underwater friend.

'Prehistoric' shark hugs diver affectionately 1
Image Credits; Minnor

"The shark comes swimming close when I swim by, nudging my leg until I spread my arms to embrace it affectionately," Rick shares.

Around seven years ago, I began interacting with it, a mere baby shark measuring approximately 15cm in length.

'Prehistoric' shark hugs diver affectionately 2
Image Credits; Minnor

After becoming acquainted, I would delicately embrace it in my arms and communicate with it in hushed tones, using my regulator as a conduit

The photos captured show the shark and diver Rick seemingly having a delightful time.

'Prehistoric' shark hugs diver affectionately 3
Image Credits; Minnor

This friendly shark belongs to the Port Jackson shark species. Being descended from prehistoric shark species, the Port Jackson shark has a somewhat "prehistoric" appearance.

From July to October each year, male and female Port Jackson sharks gather in large numbers in New South Wales, Australia, for mating purposes, as reported by Mirror.