Research reveals near-fatality experiences of patients leave people amazed

Sunday, 18/02/2024, 06:20 (GMT+7)

Some patients have experienced near-death experiences and seen images of themselves after death.

The study of near-death experiences has captivated people's curiosity, as research reveals astonishing accounts from patients who have come close to death. 

A groundbreaking study sheds light on the experiences of 5 patients who were conscious even after their hearts stopped.

Research reveals near-fatality experiences of patients leave people amazed 1
Some patients have actually had near-death experiences. Image Credit: Getty

The experience near-death of patients

In a groundbreaking study, researchers have delved into the "new dimensions of reality" by studying individuals who have returned from the brink of death. 

This study, which was recently published, has discovered that a considerable number of individuals stay aware for up to one hour after their hearts have ceased beating.

These patients have reported seeing their deceased loved ones, floating above their own bodies, and even engaging in high-speed police chases during the process of resuscitation. 

Some have encountered bright lights and ethereal figures, while others have had more distressing experiences, such as encounters with demonic entities.

Research reveals near-fatality experiences of patients leave people amazed 2
A groundbreaking study explores near-death experiences of several patients. Image Credit: Getty

Dr. Sam Parnia, the senior author of the study and a critical care physician at NYU Langone in New York City, stated, "Although doctors have long believed that the brain suffers permanent damage approximately ten minutes after the heart ceases to supply it with oxygen, our research has shown that the brain can exhibit signs of electrical activity recovery even during ongoing CPR." 

These firsthand accounts from the survivors offer valuable insights into the nature of near-death experiences.

The study, published in the journal Resuscitation, presents a range of experiences reported by the patients. 

Patient 1, for instance, shared, "I heard my name being called repeatedly. Surrounding me were beings resembling demons and monsters. It felt as if they were trying to tear my body apart." 

In the upper right corner of wherever the patient was, they could discern the presence of a figure, though it lacked a face. The figure emitted a scream that reverberated through the surroundings.

Research reveals near-fatality experiences of patients leave people amazed 3
Patient 1 heard their name amidst demons, with a faceless figure screaming nearby. Image Credit: Getty

Patient 2 vividly recalled encountering a being of light, radiating warmth and love. They witnessed their life from a new perspective, seeing the impact they had on others. 

Patient 3 described a profound out-of-body experience during which they felt disconnected from their physical form. 

They floated weightlessly above their body and below the ceiling of the therapy room, observing the scene below. 

In this ethereal state, Patient 3 experienced a heightened sense of elevation, detached from any material sensations. They emphasized that this transcendent place had no connection to the physical realm.

Research reveals near-fatality experiences of patients leave people amazed 4
Patient 3 had an ethereal out-of-body experience, detached from physical sensations, observing their surroundings. Image Credit: Getty

Patient 4 described a remarkable experience during resuscitation efforts. 

Despite being clinically dead, they remained aware of the medical team's attempts to revive them. Patient 4 distinctly felt the sensation of the paddles being used to stimulate their heart. 

Patient 5 recalled hearing what they believed to be their deceased grandmother's voice, urging them to return. In that moment, they experienced a profound connection with their departed loved one, receiving guidance to go back from the afterlife and continue their earthly journey.