Should supermarket staff clean up the vomit of a customer’s son?

Thursday, 01/06/2023, 01:03 (GMT+7)

A Sydney mom had to clean up her son’s vomit in the supermarket by herself, but it was the force of the staff. Why was it a big deal? Read the full story here!

A mother had sparked a heated debate after alleging that a supermarket employee compelled her to clean up her son's vomit when he became sick at the self-checkout. Her two-year-old son suddenly vomited on himself and the floor near the exit when she was at a Woolworth's counter.  

Should supermarket staff clean up the vomit of a customer’s son? 1
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The mother promptly attended to her child and apologized to the supermarket staff who witnessed the incident. However, she expressed shock when the staff insisted that she clean up her son's mess. Juggling her two children, she struggled to clean up the vomit and scanned her groceries while her son remained covered in vomit.

Due to frustration, she shared such a bad experience on a popular social media group and questioned whether she should complain to the supermarket chain. She recounted going to Woolworths on Sunday with her five-year-old and two-year-old to buy groceries for their school lunches when things took a turn for the worse.

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The mother described her increasing frustration as she attempted to settle her son and apologized to the staff for needing assistance with the cleanup. However, a worker responded by telling her that she had to handle it herself. Anxious about the situation and not wanting to argue, she reluctantly started cleaning.

Throughout the ordeal, her son was difficult to manage, and their proximity to the busy road near the entrance added to her stress. The employee even instructed another worker to supervise her cleanup efforts while her son tried to escape and see the passing cars.

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While scanning her groceries, the mother had to contend with her son still covered in vomit and her daughter adding to the chaos due to the stressful circumstances.

Reactions to her story on social media were divided. Some empathized with the mother, suggesting that the supermarket staff should have offered assistance by scanning her groceries or watching her children while she cleaned up. They emphasized the importance of kindness and offering a helping hand.

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Others believed that parents should take full responsibility for their children. They stated that if it were their child, they would have cleaned up the vomit themselves, prioritizing getting the children home quickly due to the potential for other illnesses. Some argued that while it would have been excellent for the shop staff to offer assistance, it was ultimately the mother's responsibility to handle bodily fluids.

The debate continued, with differing opinions on whether workers should be expected to handle such situations or if parents should always take care of their responsibilities. Some people argued that the thing might not have become a fuss on social media if the staff had had a much nicer attitude and offered to help the mom.

So, what do you think about this story? Is it fair when the woman had to clean up her son's vomit by herself in the supermarket?