Stellan Skarsgård Wanted To Join Andor Show Because Of Rogue One

Stellan Skarsgård wanted to join the Andor Disney+ series because of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s tone and the involvement of Tony Gilroy.

Stellan Skarsgård wanted to join the cast of Lucasfilm’s Andor Disney+ series because of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The first standalone Star Wars movie hit theaters in December 2016 and proved to be a major hit. It made over $1 billion worldwide and earned favorable reviews after the studio reshot the ending to kill every main member of the Rogue One team. Although many thought this would be the only appearance by the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story characters, Diego Luna’s Rebel fighter, Cassian Andor, is returning on Disney+.

The solo series for Cassian will be a prequel to Rogue One that explores his time with the Rebellion and his various missions before working to steal the Death Star plans. Andor is currently in production in the UK after going through its own development issues. Lucasfilm opted to bring in a familiar voice to get the Disney+ series on track, with director and writer, Tony Gilroy, brought aboard. Gilroy previously worked on Rogue One‘s reshoots and is now the showrunner on Andor, even though he passed directing duties for the twelve-episode first season off to a collection of directors. Still, his involvement and past contributions to Star Wars is what convinced Skarsgård to join.

Skarsgård was previously confirmed to be part of Andor‘s cast by Lucasfilm, and he’s discussed joining the Disney+ show in a recent interview with The Daily Beast. The actor noted that he can’t say much about Andor, given the secrecy surrounding the project, but did note Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as a reason he became interested in the show. Skarsgård liked the more mature tone of the film and Gilroy’s involvement with Andor has him hoping they deliver something similar. Read what Skarsgård said below:

As you know, they’ll shoot me if I say anything! I can’t even get a proper script. It’s printed on red paper so I can’t make any copies of it, it’s ridiculous!… But when I saw ‘Rogue One,’ it had much more atmosphere and seemed a little more mature—and that was Tony Gilroy, who’s the showrunner on this one. So, hopefully this one will be a little more than little plastic people falling over.

Rogue One is one of the more beloved Star Wars films from the Disney era and has developed a bigger following over time. Those fans can now count Skarsgård as another supporter of the war movie set in the galaxy far, far away. He essentially gives Gilroy all of the credit for Rogue One, even though Gilroy’s only actual credits are for the screenplay and editing. The movie is still technically a Gareth Edwards product, even though he was reportedly pushed to the side during post-production so Gilroy could take command.

There are so far no details about Skarsgård’s role in Andor, so it remains to be seen exactly what he’ll bring to Star Wars. Skarsgård has played great villains in the past and could be featured as a member of the Empire. The rest of Andor‘s cast includes Adria Arjona, Denise Gough, Fiona Shaw, and Kyle Stoller as unknown characters, with Genevieve O’Reilly also returning as Mon Mothma. While not all of these actors likely joined Andor because of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Gilroy’s involvement, that appears to be a major reasons why Skarsgård decided to join.

Source: The Daily Beast