Sweet big dog comforting a cute boy with Down syndrome

Tuesday, 28/03/2023, 15:49 (GMT+7)

The moment when a dog is trying to befriend a shy boy with Down syndrome will prove to us that dogs are the best companions of humans.

Despite being rejected by the boy with Down syndrome, the dog remains determined to make friends

A heartwarming video on YouTube where a Labrador dog named Himalaya patiently convinces Hernan, a 4-5-year-old boy with Down Syndrome, to play with him. The boy is not comfortable with people touching him or playing with him.

The video titled "Sweet mama dog interacting with a beautiful child with Down Syndrome" captures the moment when the Down Syndrome boy is sitting alone in a corner, trying to avoid contact, and a big dog is trying to approach and show him, love.

Sweet big dog comforting a cute boy with Down syndrome 1
The dog has affectionate gestures and is becoming friends with the boy.

Hernan's mother, Ana, shared that "The boy is very shy and afraid of people trying to get to know him, talk to him, or touch him because Hernan is affected by Down Syndrome.

Himalaya, a Labrador dog, belongs to Hernan's uncle. And the "destined meeting" shows us why a dog can be the best friend of a child.

Although Hernan wasn't interested in Himalaya and even pushed him away when the dog tried to make friends, it seemed like Hernan had met a "stubborn opponent." Himalaya didn't care whether Hernan would accept his affection or not; he gently pushed against Hernan.

Sweet big dog comforting a cute boy with Down syndrome 2
The dog was trying to pat the boy

At one point, Himalaya put his paw on Hernan's shoulder, like the way people pat and shake their friends to comfort them. He also lay down in a very comfortable position, as if to show Hernan that there was nothing to worry about. Then, he tried to touch Hernan again.

Sweet big dog comforting a cute boy with Down syndrome 3
"Don't be afraid, let me get close to you, be my friend!"

It's a moment that can make people tear up with emotion, when the image of a strong and gentle dog sitting opposite a small, imperfect child, with one paw on the child's shoulder, communicates without words and contains many meanings: "Don't be afraid, let me come close to you, let's be friends!

After a few minutes, Hernan reached out and hugged Himalaya, accepting this adorable friendship. Ana recalls: "Hernan doesn't like to be touched, but Himalaya was patient and gentle, maybe that's why the little boy was touched and allowed the dog to approach him."

Sweet big dog comforting a cute boy with Down syndrome 4
The dog was truly accepted by the boy as a reliable friend

"I cried, oh my god," "The dog really did a more effective job than humans in this kind of therapy"... Thousands of comments from viewers around the world show deep emotion about the relationship between humans and animals.

The version of the song "You are so beautiful to me" was added to the internet, which made the online community shed tears over this miraculous friendship.

The affection of a dog has touched many people and brought us a message that unconditional love, without judgment, can penetrate any cold, icy walls of wounded souls.