Negão - The abandoned dog becomes gas station attendant

Monday, 29/05/2023, 23:49 (GMT+7)

A gas station in Brazil is cuter than ever, and a dog makes a regular presence here.

Customers who come to the gas station in the town of Mogi das Cruzes will have a good time. Instead of idly waiting for their car to fill up, they can spend time interacting with unfamiliar employees.

Negão - The abandoned dog becomes gas station attendant 1
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Negão is a black dog that greets customers with a wagging tail. Yes, this four-legged guy is a real full-time employee here.

"Negão waits for customers to arrive and then greets them. Its appearance captures their hearts," said Sabrina Plannerer, owner of the cane and also the owner of Negão. "Clients love it. Some even give him toys."

Negão - The abandoned dog becomes gas station attendant 2
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About two years ago, Sabrina and her boyfriend bought a gas station they now own as it was being rebuilt, according to Dodo. While visiting a construction site, they spotted a frightened puppy wandering nearby. Negão was subsequently abandoned by its former owner.

The two adopted the dog without hesitation. "We immediately adopted her and gave her the care she needed," Sabrina said. "We took him to the vet, vaccinated, and dewormed him. We gave him food, and a kennel and walked him on a leash."

Not only did she raise and care for Negão, but Sabrina gave her purpose in life. Unlike the family dog, Negão got a job as a gas station attendant.

Negão - The abandoned dog becomes gas station attendant 3
Image Credits:B.P

It wears a staff tag around its neck. It also wears a gas station uniform hat. Despite the new owner, Sabrina agreed to keep Negão at the gas station because Negão loved living in the abandoned place.

Negão's story became famous after a photo was shared by the Brazilian charity FERA, according to the Daily Telegraph. The purpose of this organization is to help abandoned dogs find work like humans while they wait to be adopted by a family.

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