The Boys Season 3 Won’t Include the Comic’s Infamous Homelander Soldier Boy Scene

Showrunner Eric Kripke reveals The Boys season 3 won’t feature an infamous comics scene for Soldier Boy and Homelander, but will have something else.

Showrunner Eric Kripke assures fans that season 3 of The Boys won’t feature one infamous comics scene for Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) and Homelander (Antony Starr), though it will include something else. Kripke’s hit Amazon show is based on Garth Ennis and Darick’s Robertson’s adult comic book series and just wrapped up season 2 this past weekend. Almost immediately, fans began to look forward to season 3, which is currently in the writing stages. The Boys left some major plot threads dangling for the next season, but fans are just as excited about those resolutions as they are about the new characters.

Now they finally have their answer. During a Q&A session on social media, Kripke addressed whether or not The Boys would feature Soldier Boy and Homelander’s disturbing interaction. “There isn’t going to be a Soldier Boy/Homelander having sex scene,” Kripke said. However, he did reveal one major thing for fans: “There will be a Herogasm in season 3. You’ve earned it, you deserve it, and you’re gonna get it.”

In The Boys comic series, Herogasm is a Vought-sponsored event wherein superheroes from all over indulge in the most extreme examples of debauchery, from hard drugs to sex. Exactly how this will take shape in The Boys season 3 remains to be seen, but considering how Amazon didn’t censor any part of season 2, it’s safe to say it’ll be as R-rated as it sounds. Some might be disappointed that Homelander and Soldier Boy’s comics encounter won’t make it into the show, but as the situation surrounding it is rather dark, it might be best to leave it out. By including Herogasm instead, The Boys can still honor its source material.

This can also provide a new way to explore the world of The Boys, which is continuously growing. There’s already a college-themed spin-off in the works, and Kripke himself has plans for at least five seasons of The Boys. Considering the extremely positive response season 2 received, it certainly seems like fans will be thrilled to hear this. As insane as it is, The Boys universe has plenty more stories to tell, and it can start with season 3. Just minus some morally gray Soldier Boy/Homelander sex.

Source: Eric Kripke/Twitter