The dog stayed with the owner for 9 years to treat cancer, both died a few hours apart

Friday, 19/05/2023, 14:17 (GMT+7)

Over the course of 9 years of battling cancer, Mr. Hove always had his dog Gunner by his side. On the day Gunner passed away, Mr. Hove also took his final breath.

In 2012, Mr. Daniel Hove, a retired firefighter in the United States, was diagnosed with cancer. Throughout his 9-year treatment journey, his 11-year-old beloved dog was always by his side, accompanying him.

Mr. Hove's daughter, Heather Nicoletti, shared with Koala magazine, "I think my father intentionally wanted to keep Gunner with him during that time. They bonded from the moment Gunner was born."

The dog stayed with the owner for 9 years to treat cancer, both died a few hours apart 1
The dog Gunner stayed by his owner's side in the last days of his life. Image Credits: The Sohu

Additionally, there was something peculiar: Heather noticed that both her father's and Gunner's health seemed to decline simultaneously.

"In the morning when Gunner passed away, he didn't move from his spot for 24 hours and didn't eat or drink anything." Gunner's veterinarian believed that the dog's body had a large blood clot.

Before slipping into a coma, Mr. Hove instructed his daughter, "Get Gunner surgery." At 12:30 PM that day, Gunner passed away. At 2:55 PM on the same day, Mr. Hove also took his final breath.

The dog stayed with the owner for 9 years to treat cancer, both died a few hours apart 2
Gunner was a great source of encouragement for Mr. Hove during his nine years of cancer treatment. Image Credits: The Sohu

The loyal dog refused to leave his owner during their last days together, so the family had to set up a special bed for Gunner in Mr. Hove's room. "It wouldn't leave my dad's side. It also accompanied him to all his doctor appointments and followed him whenever he did odd jobs. Wherever my dad went, Gunner would go along and wait outside the truck," Heather shared.

Whenever Mr. Hove wasn't around, Gunner always appeared anxious. "Throughout my dad's cancer treatment journey, Gunner was always there to comfort him. I am so grateful to have a dog like Gunner."

Heather also expressed that the world would be very different if people could experience unconditional love from a dog like Gunner. "No matter how stressed or upset we were, Gunner was always there to distract you or help us get through it."

Heather also believed that Gunner was the one who helped her father overcome the truly difficult stage in his life. "It's beautiful that they both left this world together, only a few hours apart.