The Informer Trailer: Joel Kinnaman Fights to Save His Family

Co-starring Ana de Armas and Rosamund Pike, the trailer for the upcoming crime thriller The Informer shows Joel Kinnaman racing to save his family.

The trailer for the upcoming crime thriller The Informer features Joel Kinnaman fighting his way out of prison to save his family from a violent drug cartel. Though his first TV credit dates back to 1990, Joel Kinnaman didn’t achieve mainstream success until he earned roles in recent hit shows like The Killing and Altered Carbon. His biggest breakthrough came in 2016 when he achieved global recognition as Rick Flag, the elite Special Forces colonel of Task Force X in 2016’s Suicide Squad. While five members of the Squad won’t be returning for James Gunn’s standalone sequel The Suicide Squad, Kinnaman will reprise his role in the film currently slated for an August 6, 2021 release.

But what most American audiences don’t know about Joel Kinnaman is that he built his early career on gritty crime thrillers. The Swedish-born actor starred in Easy Money, the Johan Falk series, and several other films that were hugely successful in his home country. In fact, Easy Money (or Snabba Cash in Swedish) was so popular upon release in 2009 that Warner Bros. and Zac Efron won the rights for the property early last decade and planned to produce an American remake.

Vertical Entertainment gave audiences a taste of Kinnaman’s return to the crime thriller genre with his upcoming movie The Informer. The film centers on Pete Koslow, an ex-convict who goes undercover for the FBI to infiltrate the Polish mafia’s drug trade in New York City. After the operation results in the murder of a police officer, Koslow is sent back to prison, where he’s forced to destroy the cartel from the inside. He must eventually race to save his wife Sofia (played by Ana de Armas) and his daughter before the mafia discover he’s a mole and come after his family. The film co-stars Rosamund Pike, Common, and Clive Owen. See the official full-length trailer and film poster below:

Joel Kinnaman the Informer Poster

The Informer has traveled a tumultuous road from production to release. Aviron Pictures originally bought the North American distribution rights all the way back in 2017 when the movie was still called Three Seconds. Originally poised for an August 2018 release, the movie got pushed back to February 2019 before getting delayed six more times due to Aviron’s financial turmoil that included layoffs and fraud allegations against Aviron owner William Sadleir. Vertical Entertainment eventually secured U.S. distribution, and The Informer will now finally hit PVOD on November 6 for the price of $19.99.

While delays usually indicate the film in question is a looming disaster, The Informer might actually benefit from its multiple pushbacks. PVOD releases really aren’t affected as much by bad press the same way box office numbers are, and the record-smashing success of Trolls World Tour proves that PVOD can be an extremely profitable release route during the pandemic. Combine all of that with the fact that Ana de Armas is now one of Hollywood’s biggest stars and The Informer may surprise audiences and industry analysts alike.

Source: Vertical Entertainment