The Next Ultraman Show Has Been Revealed

Tsuburaya Productions announces Ultraman Trigger, the next show in Japan’s Ultraman franchise, with the title of “New Generation Tiga.”

Tsuburaya Productions has announced Ultraman Trigger, the next show in the long-running Ultra series. Since 1966, the Giant of Light has starred in over 20 different shows. The latest installment was the hit, Ultraman Z, which was the first show to broadcast internationally on YouTube. In recent times, Ultraman has started to achieve more popularity outside of Japan. Shin Ultraman should bring even more international fame to the character, although the film was unfortunately delayed from its summer release. The year 2021 celebrates the 25th anniversary of Ultraman Tiga, one of the most popular installments in the franchise.

Since the conclusion of Ultraman Z, fans have been wondering what’s next for the Japanese superhero. Soon, the character will once again light up the screen in a new show titled, Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga. Tsuburaya says Ultraman Trigger was thought up as a “homage” to Ultraman Tiga, and “can be considered a new generation Tiga with a brand-new story.” Indeed, although the main character is different, the show is following some central elements from Tiga, such as Ultraman being an ancient figure. The protagonist, Kengo Manaka, is portrayed by Raiga Terasaka. Koichi Sakamoto, who served as main director on Ultraman Geed, is the main director of Ultraman Trigger. Check out the synopsis, trailer, and a couple of promotional images below below:

30 million years ago, the world was engulfed in terrifying darkness. But that darkness was sealed deep in space by the Giant of Light. His power spent, the Giant of Light sleeps in the red star, and is forgotten to time…

The Terrestrial Peaceable Union hurries to gather the expert team GUTS-Select, while Kengo Manaka lives peacefully on now-colonized Mars as a botanist. However, his peaceful life suddenly comes to an end one fateful day. The darkness that the ancient civilization sealed away breathes once more! As a monster bears down on the Martian settlement, Kengo’s fate leads him to a chance encounter. A chance encounter with none-other than the sleeping Giant of Light. How will Kengo’s meeting with the Giant of Light influence his destiny and the destiny of Earth?

The Giant of Light is reborn after an eternity. His name: Ultraman Trigger!

Ultraman Trigger releases in July

Ultraman Trigger will begin broadcasting in Japan on July 10. Sadly, there’s no word if it will receive an international weekly release on YouTube like Ultraman Z. Ultraman Trigger certainly has a lot of potential as a re-imagining/new take on Ultraman Tiga. It will be interesting seeing if there will be a new version of Evil Tiga. Hopefully, fans outside Japan will be able to watch the show this year as well.

Source: Tsuburaya Productions